To give or not to give...

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To help or not to help?!?
Respect or Gratitude = is there a difference?
These are the questions.
My faith in people has been seriously damaged.
My inner peace has been destroyed.
2 years of extremely hard work, were stepped on without mercy. Whole my future was put in danger.
--- Why and by whom, you may ask yourself.
--- What's this all about? Why all this melodrama? 
It's a long story, but long story short: I have given a (or another) chance to someone I knew, didn't deserve.
And I didn't expect to be paid back with disrespect, arrogance and insolence.

Allow me to underline the difference between RESPECT and GRATITUDE (again).

RESPECT - Definition from Google and it's exactly the definition I have in mind: have due regard for (someone's feelings, wishes, or rights). "I respected his views"
Synonyms: show consideration for, show regard for, take into consideration, take into account, make allowances for, take cognizance of, observe, pay heed/attention to, bear in mind, be mindful of, be heedful of; archaic regard;"at least they respect your privacy"

GRATITUDE - (Google's definition again) the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness"she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support"
Synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, hat tip, credit, regard, respectsense of obligation,

As I wrote in many posts: I don't ever expect gratitude (even so it would be great and won't harm me), or to be thanked for things I do by choice, but I expect and PRETEND respect. Respect for my privacy, my life, my work and everything that belongs to me. Because I worked extremely hard for every single thing in my possession. Day and night since I can remember.
Once again:
I help people because I want to.
I trust people because I choose to. 
I give chances after chances when my trust is made foul of. 
With the excuse that nobody's perfect, some people need more time than others to grow and act as humans. Patience.
But there is a limit: Nobody has the right to step on my work. There is no reason in the world for that to take place. 
I gave you a hand and you, in exchange, DESTROY my life?!
Well, I am not GOD, nor Jesus... Oh, wait, God's got really upset when Eva ate the forbidden fruit and punished the whole humanity for that. Hmmm.... 
I am not going to punish all people because of some creatures without a soul/heart or emotional intelligence. Am I too bold to mention a functional brain? That's too much to ask. 

Respect is something that should be given/showed to ALL people, animals and things. As I said so many times. 
Nobody owes anything to anyone, except THAT. 
I respect you, YOU respect ME. Simple as that. 
--- Am I upset? No. What I feel, can't be described in words because aren't invented yet. 

I wish I wouldn't have to meet this person (two actually) EVER again, but I am not that lucky.
All I can do is to take distance, meditate, take responsibility and leave this horrendous story behind. Move on and keep trusting people against all odds.
In the end, I gave chances to many people in this world and most of them showed me respect.
As long as there is one single person, I know for sure I can trust, I will keep having faith in the humanity. It's my choice.
But I will never, EVER, help a person who doesn't deserve my, or anybody's else, help.
If you do help somebody like that, it's your fault when you get stabbed in the back. 
Not all creatures with human aspect, deserve to be helped. If a being is showing selfishness, arrogance, disrespect towards things, animals and people, stay away: you are not doing any good to anyone. You'll pay for your kindness. A very high price.
--- Are you prepared?
I wasn't, but I won't take this risk again. Enough is enough. I am taking my life back. Now.

A very dark Romanians saying/proverb: Pe cine nu lasi sa moara, nu te lasa sa traiesti. = Don't allow a person to die and that person won't let you live. This is the literal translation. English people say: "A good deed never goes unpunished."

This saying comes from Italian actually, at least, is what I read on line.

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