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I talk when I am happy, I talk when I am unhappy, scared, worried, terrified.

--- Why do I talk?!
Because I learned that people can't know what I am thinking otherwise.
Nobody can't read the stars, we are not wizards.
--- Do I think people care?!
I don't think all people care, but I don't say what I feel to everybody. I choose whom to talk to. Most of the time, those people care. As I care when they talk to me.
I don't tell everyone how I feel, what are my dreams, my hopes or my fears.
I tell these to the people I trust. I don't expect people to read my mind. You can never be sure what a person thinks.
Don't pretend to be understood without speaking.
Don't get mad when people don't understand what you want.
We are not Gods, nobody is.
Yes, some people know you very well, still, they could be wrong.
Don't be absurd.
Just say the words!
Make other people's lives easier. If you love them. If not... continue being alone in a world where nobody can reach to you. Is not their fault if you are not understood, it's yours.
--- Do you want a specific flower for your birthday? 
Ask for it!
--- Do you want to meet with your friends? 
Call and tell them you miss them.
You'll know who are your real friends.
The message in this video is pretty clear. There are 2 actually.
1. Technology is a great invention, but humans lost their humanity. They lost touch.
2. Talk if you want to be understood. Some people do care. 


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