Summer is coming or...

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Thinking of Game of thrones, one of the coolest TV shows ever, I've stolen their pessimistic statement "Winter is coming" and changed it into an optimistic one. Not only because summer is definitely close, but because winter is now gone. KIDDING. :D

It's a metaphor in the show and in my post too, of course.
--- We've all got that, no?!

I am a positive person, I always try to see the good in everything. Except when I judge myself/my mistakes, my behaviour. In these cases, well, I have big difficulties in accepting the fact I have limits.
But let's go stick with the positivity!
If it's raining, I am thinking at the time when I used to be a farmer (yes, apparently, in England a person who works the land must be called a farmer. Boh. Weird) and I am grateful that it rains. Because rain is life. Without rain, we wouldn't have vegetables, fruits, and spirits. :D
If it's sunny, same, the sun is life too (when it doesn't burn everything).

No such a thing as "too sunny" in England? 
Don't be ridiculous!! England has these issues too. :D 

If I love and can't have a "normal" relationship with the one I love, I suffer yes, (God if I suffer!) but I am thinking of those people who cannot feel these emotions and I am thankful that, of despite all the pain, I still didn't lose my capacity to FEEL.
If I cry, I am taking it as a way to clean my eyes and ease the pain I have in my heart/soul.
If I work, I think that I need the money to live a decent life. And to buy shoes. Loads. :p

There are many things we are not happy about regarding our lives (as I said in many other posts, quite a popular subject), but let's try to stop desiring what is too difficult to obtain.
As a fly to the moon, for example.
Or the person you love...
No, no, don't stop fighting for your love! In the name of God, keep fighting, against any odds, but you can't force anyone to love you back.
You do know that, right?!
Concentrate your strength on more achievable things: like passing an exam, learning a new skill, losing weight, etc.etc.etc.

For more than 30 years of my life I had stressed myself out because I wanted to study, to go to the university... 1, 2, 3.... Didn't happen. Long story short: couldn't afford it.
Then, I decided it's time to give up, I couldn't take it anymore.
Things had happened which made me realised that I didn't need pieces of papers to demonstrate I had studied, no.
My mental health was more important (physical too).
This didn't mean I didn't study at all, on the contrary; Studied every day of my life, harder than in a university. Every free minute I dedicated it to learning things I didn't know anything about: psychology/human behaviour, HTML, blogging and many other things.

So, yes, giving up on one of my biggest dreams, made my life easier. I became more calm, serene.
It wasn't easy at all, but I reached the limit of endurance and the only thing I wanted was tranquillity = serenity.

Once we gave up wanting things we cannot have, life becomes more beautiful and easy.
From my experiences time cures any wound, physically and mentally. Of course, we are not speaking about incurable wounds/diseases.
Yes, when you are suffering this statement sounds stupid, but trust me when I tell you it is true.
Don't lose your hope, it will go away. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.
But when we suffer, we like to think that nobody gets us, nobody suffers more than us. It's not right, we are just too upset to think clearly.
There were times when I was convinced I will die from pain and I was feeling like it, but, the days passed, one after another, and every day the pain lost its intensity, until it disappeared all for good. And I didn't even notice.
I am pretty sure that you have experimented yourself these kinds of sensations, it's not a new nor mine discovery.

Again, there are sorrows that will need more time to be cured and forgotten... Like the lost of a sibling, a parent, a friend, lover, etc. But even these will fade up. It's how it works.
You know I am right!

One thing is sure, summer is definitely coming, for some is already here.
So, smile at the new season and take what life has to offer.
Transform the bad in good with the force of your mind.
Some things are easier than others. Just remember that.

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