What if that immigrant was you?!

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I am talking about Syria, civil war and immigration, of course.
Everybody speaks about these. Social media are full of comments, shares, likes, shouts for help.
Comments are divergent, people divide in many categories:
1. Those who empathise and try to help
2. Those who are negative about the immigration and publish frightening slogans against it
3. Those who are afraid and worried about their countries
4. Those who don't care at all, but share articles and wise words to attract likes or sympathisants = to show off in one short expression.

I must admit, I had no idea about any of these until yesterday.
I saw some comments on Facebook and my mom told me about so many incidents and the fact that we have immigrants in Romania too.
I don't watch Tv nor listen to the radio, as I said before. I am also a solitaire person, confined (by choice) into my room with my books and writing (when I am not at work).
Internet is the only way to keep in touch with people and the world.
Most of the time I feel like living alone in a deserted island on the Red sea. I know, it is madness. But it's who I am, how I choose to live and one day it will all be explained and judged.
Enough about me, another time.

Syria. War. Fear. Terror. Run for life. Discrimination. Accusations. Allegations. Muslim. Tears. Unbearable pain. Despair. Immigrants. 

I read stories, watched videos for hours and my heart is broken again. Overwhelmed by sorrow.
I've got no more tears after hours of crying, I went to bed in despair. My mind can't conceive any of these.
--- Why is this happening?!
--- We live in 2015, haven't we learnt anything from the past?!
--- Why the Arabian rich countries don't give asylum to these people, their brothers?!
Europe is broken, America is too far away. Of course people are afraid. Understandable.

Are you one of those people who don't want to see syrian refugees in their country?
Look inside you.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself living with the fear of dying every single instant of your life.
--- Can you even do that?
--- Isn't your heart start speeding as never before? Aren't you terrified only at the thought of it?
'Cause I am, completely. Paralyzed by fear.
--- If you were an immigrant, wouldn't you ask for asylum? Wouldn't you ask for help? 
Please, humans, let's demonstrate we still have some humanity left. We can't always be afraid of each other. Many have no fault, many are good people. Don't deny them the right to life. 

It is absolutely tragic what happens to these people. Leaving everything to go somewhere they don't know to have a chance to life. I can relate to that. I sure can. Not for the same reasons, of course.

Anyway, as some people mentioned, this story is only known because it's everywhere for good reasons. Millions of people leaving their country at once. It can't be otherwise.
But there are so many others stories we don't know because no one share them on Social networks.
The power of internet and broadcasting it's astonishing.

Let's just give these people a chance to life. We are luckier than them.
Humans, act like humans! Robots will help them. Put yourself in their shoes. 
What would you do? And be honest, at least with yourself.

Just another thing that shocked me: There are some people who expect and pretend that those who are luckier, which is us, stop leaving their lives... Well, I am telling you it is not FAIR.
We all have problems, we all have a past and we all fight against demons (bad situations), we all have the right to do whatever we want RESPECTING others. 
Don't accuse, don't pretend/expect, ask for help, make an appeal to humanity, but act reasonably. If you can help, DO IT! Maybe others are not into a position from which can help.
Do your part and don't show off.

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