Three Weeks a Human in Asiago—The Missing Chapter is Live

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Maybe not all of those who read Ten Years and Italy, Three Weeks a Human noticed that a chapter was missing.
Or maybe you didn't care. This second variant makes me quite happy to be honest.

Anyway, my deepest and sincere apologies if you felt that the memoir was incomplete. It was not my intention to disappointed any of you, on the contrary.

A few good reasons precluded me for including in the first edition.

1. I wanted it to have a place on its own so you could realise that I hold no grudge to Italy. If my permanence in one of the most beautiful countries of the world had been perfect, I wouldn't be here and the truth is I LOVE to be here. It was my destiny.

2. At the time I wrote the previous gloomy stories, I wasn't able to put this into a decent literary form. I needed some time to step out of that blue state of mind.

This is a gift for everyone who bought any of the two versions of my memoir and for those who like happy stories. Take advantage now!

Amazon allows me to give it for free for a few days every three months—there are many rules and conditions—so please download this as soon as you can. 
You don't have to read it right away, just conserve it on your device. 
The promotion starts on 18th of June and finishes on 21st of June. three days for now. 
If you don't see it free yet, come back later or wait for me to advertise it on my social networks. 

Anyone can read this collection of witty stories. It's not compulsory to know what happened before or in between. I tried to make it stand on its own. 

I hope you enjoy reading this little piece of work and if you've got a minute, remember to leave a short review. Or share it with your friends. "Give and it shall be given to you."

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Thank you and see you soon, amazing human being.


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