Elderflower tea or infusion

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I absolutely love elderflower!
I am a sentimentalist and this plant gave us the only juice we had during the communism.
My mother used to make the most perfect fizzy drink on earth.
I will never forget or abandon the use of this magical flower.

English people make cordial and in shops, you find fizzy drinks with elderflower aroma. I love them all. Are my absolute favourite in the whole world.
Curious enough is that nobody knows this about me. And I made no secret of it.
Never mind.

This is not a recipe, but an idea and I suggest you take advantage of it now!
The elderflowers are in blossom everywhere in Devon (I only speak about this county because is where I live).

One single elderflower makes at least 500 ml of tea. Don't think if you put more it's going to be more tasty or good. On the contrary.

There are two variants of tea you can make. You can use both dry and fresh flowers, however, the taste will be slightly different.

I won't dare to tell English people how to make tea, for all other humans, just take a teapot, put the elderflower in it and pour hot water.
Let it brew for 2-5 minutes and serve with honey, sugar, or whatever you consider.
Of course, you can add a slice of lemon or lime.
I used orange a few times, it's also delicious, however, it covers the elderflower sublime taste. You try it though. It's worth it.

Put the elderflower in the teapot, pour cold water and let it macerate a few hours. Honestly, in 10 minutes is ready.

There is another idea I would like to mention.
Cold elderflower juice, like a lemonade. What's the right word for that? Elderflowerade? 
  • 1 litre of cold water, 
  • 3-5 slices of lemon, lime
  • 2 fresh elderflower, 
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar, honey, etc.
  • Stir well, let it rest for 30 minutes, add ice and serve. 
So very refreshing, healthy, and incredibly tasty.

My mother used to make a very fizzy drink by adding yeast. Yes, yeast. Awesome. The bottles used to pop like bombs. Not very funny being woke up by a dreadful sound like that, but we laughed like crazy because we knew it was the juice fermenting and becoming champagne.

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