High-heels lover's National day!

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Dear high heels lovers (women or men, no discrimination in here), forgive me, but I want to share with you my excitement.
On Saturday night, towards 02:30 Am, I was looking around the amazing internet to find out how is the world going.
Went to write on my other blogs, spoke to a few loyal readers and suddenly, an image with some irresistible red shoes appeared on my screen.

I said: aren't these breathtaking? So elegant, so classy and so RED!!!
I want them! I want them NOW!!! 

I am not a shoe fetishist, but I adore high heels, more precise: stiletto style. Every person close to me knows that.
Anyway, the point of this post is that today, 14th of September, in Romania (my country, if you don't know that yet), a shop has come with a fabulous idea, which is: inventing a national day for all the high heels lovers. They say women, but I know some men love high heels just as much as I do!

Yes, you read well. Is it happening right now in my country.
Romania's got talent too, my friends. Don't you dare disagree with that.

Not sure if there is any special day in the UK, though.
Never mind, let's all get united and celebrate together, shall we?! 

Is it business/advertising?! Damn right it is. I wished I'd come up with an idea like that.
Well done, fashionup, very well done.

I even wrote a long article in my language, to honour and support this initiative.

But today, it's actually my dearest sister's birthday. Happy birthday, Alexandrina.
You're a very special person and I truly deeply care about you.
Thank you for everything you are doing for our family. <3

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Thank you. 
See you soon, amazing human being.


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