Romania what?!

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I have just finished a post on Linkedin, but I needed to publish it in here too.
It is rather important to me.
One of the reasons I've started this blog: to fight against every form of discrimination.

Many years back, I've promised myself that I won't go to sleep, if one day, I wouldn't have done something good for a person or an animal. I have kept my promise since then and I will always will.

My post won't go viral, I am not Obama nor a Ferrari, I am doing my part, but it's not enough.
That's why I need people like you, yes, YOU, who reads these words and decides to like it, share it, or even commenting...
Think like you are doing a good dead. And it is, trust me. So thank you for any initiative you are about to take... Knowing you are reading, it's good enough for now.
Seeing an actual sign of your visit, it will make my day/night.

So here it is the article I told you about, made some changes to make it more like a blogspot post.
At the end, you'll have a video. Please take a look. You will be surprised. Promise.

--- "Is this a real country?!? No way!" I've heard people saying.
--- "Romania, but of course, Rroma = gipsy. You wouldn't want to have anything to do with these people. Like ever."

How could you blame someone for not knowing much about my country?
It's not like I know everything about every country in this world. You should talk to my brother for that.

Romania is situated in the Eastern Europe
We are, more and less, 19.000.000 souls (black, white, red, yellow and blue. :D). 
Our Capital is Bucharest. 
Danube crosses many Romanians localities, and we have a "door" to the Black Sea.
We have been "accepted" in Europe in 2014. Theoretically, we are free to travel and work in every European country. 

Below, I made a list with some of my fellow compatriots, who make me feel proud sharing the same nationality. They are inventors, writers, composers, etc. and I am pretty sure you've never heard of any before. I won't blame you! 
  1. Mircea Eliade (1907 – 1986) - researcher and professor of the history of religions, Orientalist and novelist - History of Religious ideas
  2. Constantin Brâncuși (1876 – 1957) -  sculptor, painter and photographer. Considered the patriarch of modern sculpture - Expressionism. Below it' a copy of the Infinite Column, placed in my beloved city park, Roman.
  3. Henri Coandă (1886 – 1972) - inventor and aerodynamics pioneer - First jet engine - 1910
  4. Emil Cioran (1911 – 1995) - philosopher, writer, and essayist
  5. Nicolae Paulescu -  Insulin discoverer - 1921 (the Nobel prize didn't go to him though)
  6. Petrache Poenaru - fountain pen inventor - 1827
  7. Stefan Odobleja - Father of Cybernetics 
  8. Grigore Antipa - Modernised Diorama
  9. George Enescu - composer, violinist, pianist, conductor, and teacher,
  10. Ciprian Porumbescu - composer 
  11. Mihai Eminescu - Romantic poet 
There are many others, but these are enough for now. Too much information.

Have a look at the video below and your perception of Romania might change.
You will be very surprised. I promise. 5 minutes of your time.

I must admit that some of the information made me giggle... especially the pronunciation of the 2 words in my language = Multumesc (Thank you) and Oina (national sport) and I disagree with the statement about Bill Gates (2:55). He doesn't owe Romania anything! He hired some of my compatriots. Good for them! 

More posts will follow. I am a fighter for all the Human and animal rights.
"Stealing/living on benefits/taking advantage of any complementary system" in ANY country, are not JUST rights, and I am against all these behaviours. 
Work and pay taxes, do your duties, then ask for rights!
As far as I am concerned, we are guests in the country we decide to go to live/work, and first of all, we have duties. 
Nobody owes you or me anything, besides RESPECT. 
I will write more in a different post.

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Thank you. 
See you soon, amazing human being.


  1. In certain cases, the host nation (Great Britain) did have a duty of responsibility to grant the right of abode to peoples from abroad who for instance were under the British protectorate of the former colonial power and in service to the crown in such foreign countries prior to resettlement. Our services to this country even extended to the multitudes who were recruited from the colonies in defence of this land. Such people are not regarded as guests. To be clear, the guests you refer to as "we", is entirely apt description for those immigrants who have no historic contributions registered to this country. I should like to thank you for opposing any form of discrimination which is a worthy cause. Your advice to anyone wanting to settle here is also very sound, particularly given the tight financial constraints in our economy. Contrary to adverse media reporting, statistical data has shown that the economy is actually benefitting from its current migrant workforce. I don't think too many of these people suffer from being disrespected or being told to 'go home', in the way that former migrants had to and sometimes still endure in public.

    1. Yes, of course, I totally agree with your statements. And you were right, when I say guest, I am referring to people like me (it's more a metaphor). There are immigrants who are discriminated just because they speak a different language, but that's to be expected: some people don't think, just act. It's like that everywhere. Personally, I can't complain. I am treated right.Thanks for taking time to read and comment. Very much appreciated.


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