Do people care?

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This was a part of the previous post, Facts versus words, but I've been told it was too long and decided to split it in two, with some modifications.

Saying nice words is not the same as DOING NICE things.

Take for example a relationship: friendship or love.One is always nice, pays compliments, makes the other feeling good, but, one day the other is tired of words and asks for facts which the other one CAN'T give. All that some people could give are just WORDS: 

I care so much about you.
I care about your feelings.
I want you to be happy.

But then, this person looks for you and your company when he/she needs you and not the other way around. --- Is this bad?
Very, in my humble opinion.Sometimes words are enough, but some other times, they are just dust in the wind and facts are necessary to demonstrate your feelings.

People don't care. 
I am sorry to break this to you, but it's the cruel truth, and it isn't cynicism, but realism.Many are convinced they care and they say it with such conviction that makes them believe they really care.

Some TRY to care, but there is NOTHING inside them. Are unable to care. For a reason or another.

Some know exactly what to say/how to say and are aware of the fact is just a game to gain something. I don't like when they say they care, but their behaviour says the opposite.

--- I know you don't care, I don't pretend/expect you to care, you have your own life your own problems/family, but WHY do you have to say it? WHY?

I am not absurd, and nobody else should be. People have their own problems, they care about their lives, it is not compulsory to care about others, but DON'T say you do when you couldn't care less!

Nobody HAS to care, please, don't say you do when what you mean is just to say a nice word. DON'T, I would rather not hear these words and witness behaviours that NO human should show.It's unfair, confusing and frustrating.
Mind your own business, be objective, clear and truthful, but don't harm people with the excuse of being candid. That's being mean, not honest.
Soon you've accepted that you'd start living your life without expecting anything from others.
Nobody owes you anything! Bear that in mind when you want something from someone.
You've done that person a favour, and it would be fair to exchange the kindness... yes, I couldn't agree more, but, not all would do it.
Do favours because you're good, not because you expect to be repaid. It won't always work this way.

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  1. I could not agree more with you Cristina! Words are good but at times not enough to show sincerity. Well done on your article! Xx

  2. I totally agree with Cristina, words are naturally flattering but what is also important is the genuine feelings behind them and a simple act of love to someone who needs it at a moment in their lives is so important. It does not have to be a huge act of love

    1. "Flatter... your name is Cristina." Genuine feeling are very rare, Martine. Humans are only corps nowadays. Not all, of course. Simple acts of love are so easy to make. X. Thanks for taking time to read all these articles and mostly to leave so many positive comments. It means a lot to me.

  3. You're like a drug! I keep clicking on a new article... again and again. So easy to read. You say what most of us think. Great job.


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