Facts versus words

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I wrote about the power of words, good and bad, about magnifying the strengths, about caring and being nice, but what about saying nice words and doing bad things?
Or saying nice words, thinking in a way and acting in a different one depending on a situation?
--- What do I mean? 
Some exchange pleasantries, compliments, encouragements and you are convinced they are nice people until you find out that they are just playing a game.
--- Is this a bad thing? 
Not necessarily. If you are nice to someone because you think that person needs more attention, it's most definitely a good thing, even if you don't exactly believe what you're saying. Just being nice for the desire to encourage someone who's having a bad day/period.
--- What about being nice JUST because you want something from a specific person?
Let's take for example a work environment where there are competitions going on every single minute. Some people are more ambitious than others, some want more power, fame, money.
One day they treat each other as enemies, next day, they are besties.
One day you don't even speak one to each other, the only time you speak is at a back of a person. Say nasty words, make odious remarks, repulsing statements. Then, the person who was a negative protagonist just a second ago transforms in a great person because you NEED something from her/him.
That person notices your change in behaviour, doesn't know how to react. Sometimes these people will treat you right and will give you the help you seek or the thing you ask for. Sometimes they will do it because they are also looking for something which could be friendship or just being liked.
There are cases when these people will forgive your disgraceful behaviour over and over again just because they genuinely care about you.
The risk is to lose a friend or a good person forever because some will get sick and tired of your continuous requests without giving anything in exchange.
--- But you wouldn't care, would you?
Will find someone else to use, again and again, and again until, maybe, one day you'll realise that what you are doing is not quite right nor fair, but it will be MAYBE too late.
Some will never find out who they really are and how they treat others. (long story, next post)
I really dislike this kind of behaviour, but is just HUMAN NATURE.
I behaved like that a few times and I hate it with all my heart. I felt small and ugly inside. Swore I'll stay away from these kinds of things and being nice with everyone ALL THE TIME instead. Without hidden purposes. Always and with everyone.
Just nice with everyone all the time. Good and bad. Is such a great feeling. 

Sometimes being nice repays, some other times you'll pass for a full. Some will take you for granted and if one day you're down, because you're having problems as every single person in this world, they will come and reproach you of being absent and not nice.
You cry inside and feel used, but then you go back of being nice because it is always better than being mean. It makes you feel HUMAN.

Second part in here: Do people care?

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