Bad breath? - Tips and tricks

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While writing the post, Spring onion and dill salad, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my experiments on the bad breath. 
Because I absolutely adore raw onions, but I also love my breath to smell good, my research is kinda remarkable. :p
Eating raw onion and garlic, will indubitable, make your breath to smell bad, very bad or deadly.
I was maybe 2 when I started to eat uncooked onions as apples :D, so I know very well.

My mum used to come into my room to wake me up, she will first open the door, move aside and wait a few seconds before shouting:
--- “You could kill an elephant in this room. It smells terrible! Bleah!”

During the years I have tried various antidotes, trying desperately to not kill everyone close to me while breathing.
Do not despair, I found many.
None of them are bullet proof, though. :p You still cannot kiss anyone after eating 3 row onions.
Once these two aliments (especially) are ingested, they need to be digested and eliminated from the organism for the smell to disappear. Yes. This is the process.
Nevertheless, there is still hope.

From experience, I can tell you that brushing your teeth, won't help much.
This doesn't mean, you shouldn't. Do it 20 minutes after you ate (raw onions and garlic).
Why 20 minutes after?
Well, there is the need for a new post for that. Another time.
Just read and do as I say. I know my things. :p

I even swallowed toothpaste (clean, directly from the tube), after brushing my teeth and tongue thoroughly. It didn't help much, just a little. 

Flossing, using mouthwash is a must! 
--- Don't swallow the toothpaste or the mouthwash, is not healthy.
Unless it contains alcohol. 
--- Just kidding: DON'T!

And now, my precious discoveries.
All to be chewed or drank.
  • Cloves. 100 would be indicated, but I know you won't do it. Keep one in your mouth for the whole time you are in public.
  • Cinnamon stick = a piece, not a whole stick.
  • Aniseeds. As above. Drinking Sambuca will do too. Sambuca is made from anise.

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  • Orange rind 
  • Ginger. Fresh or dried.
  • Coffee beans.
  • Fresh or dry mint leaves, sage, basil, parsley. Chewing gum is a very good substitute.

Basically, all plants, seeds with very strong and good odours will momentarily neutralize the bad breath.
I used to try all these, in order or not. I still do, but honestly, it only temporarily covers the smell.
As I said, the food need to be completely eliminated from the organism.

Drink coffee, clean not only your teeth, but your tongue too, floss them every day, use mouthwash and drink water.
Don't stay away from these aliments as they are really good for your health.
Every time I am on holiday, or staying home for a day (and don't meet anyone), I eat loads of garlic and onion.
Be sensible!

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Sharing is Caring. 
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That way I will know that my work isn't in vain. 

I highly appreciate your time. 


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