Can't finish a diet? - Involve your feelings

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--- Are you happy with your weight and looks?
Then, this post isn't for you, go away! I don't like you!
Kidding. It's the envy talking. :p

Yes, I know, I don't need a diet, it's what people tell me.
I would agree, if I was feeling good in my skin.
To be honest, I kinda love my skin, is really, really soft. Like babies' skin.
--- The secret for that? 
Baby oil after every shower (every day = a lot of time).

But let me get back to my body.
I am a size 10 (UK size/ 38 EU) , but I would like to be an 8 (36 EU). Maybe not an exact 8, but more like an 8. - 95% of my wardrobe is a size 8, luckily, they still fit me... barely, but they do! :p -
--- Is this clear?
Of course not. Women will understand though.
I have quite a sedentary job and that makes me gain weight pretty easily.
But sedentariness is not my problem, as I walk to work and back every day (50+50 minutes).
--- What's my problem then?
--- Age, health issues?
No. First of all: I am not old! - I have an issue with age. -
I was born this way... then, I like food. A lot. And I have written about it in here.

I think I figured it out an easy way to stay on a diet once you've started.
This will also help you to get started, if you don't even get there. It happens.
Diets are not an easy thing to start.
Diets are not fun, food is great. I know. 
Every each of us has the own opinion about food, diets and looks... and... and... .

Anyway. I've started a (another) diet, more a detox one to be honest. But I do hope to lose weight and it is working. Yeay!

I eat a lot, but a lot as I am hungry all the time.
--- What do I eat?
Vegetables and fruits, mostly. Raw = not cooked
Vegetables: onion, spring onion, pepper, cucumber, cabbage, etc, (mostly salads).
Fruits: apple, pear, strawberry, watermelon, lychee, pineapple, etc.

I also eat nuts, beans (salad), chick peas, sweet corn, artichokes and loads of olives.
I drink water and coffee. Not fond of teas or juices.

No gluten, no sweets, no meat, no alcohol... :(
How boring... I know.
Well, beauty requires sacrifices.

As I said above, I am hungry most of the time because the week before the diet, I ate a lot and my stomach got bigger. True story.
I know it is not physically possible, but you know what I mean: the more you eat, the more your stomach/body asks for. Also the brain reacts this way. It's science. You get it.

My house is full of chocolate, pasta and I LOVE to cook. But I won't be cooking and I won't be eating any of these tremendously appealing aliments.
--- You know why?
Have a look at this picture.
- By the way, the date is wrong. The year, actually. It was taken this year (2016). -

--- What size do you think I was when taking this picture?
I was an 8 (UK size).
Before that, a year back (2015, after getting here, England I mean), I was a 6. Loved that size a lot, but I don't want it. I have been told I didn't look healthy.
Who the heck looked into any mirror back then?
Not me. I had no idea until I started getting weight.
Never mind.

So what this easy way to stay on a diet no matter the temptations?

Do you have a picture of you when you used to like yourself?
If you do, take it and look at it for as long as you want. Reflect and remember the feeling of wearing a 10, 12 or whatever is your dream size.
--- Did you like it? 
--- How much? 
--- Were you happy? 
--- Were you feeling light, sexy and appealing?

Well, get back in that moment and start the diet ignoring the surroundings.
Focus only on how you felt back then and every time you feel like giving up, take the picture and stare at it until you get back into that moment.

I keep this picture on my desktop as I really loved the way I felt wearing that dress.

If you don't have a picture of you when you felt in shape – whatever shape represents for you - for me it's a size 8, but for you could be a size 14. 
It's your idea of good looking that counts. 
Don't listen to anyone else, but your feelings.

As I said, if you don't have a picture of you or maybe you've never been the size you consider perfect, then look for a person you admire and take her/his shape as a goal to reach.
Maybe you have a friend, ask for a picture. Or even better, there is the internet and you can find an infinite number of pictures to download for free.
Download one you admire most and keep it close.
Look at it, try to identify yourself with that person's size/looks/body, pay attention to YOUR emotions.
What and HOW would it make you feel to have that figure?

Don't take the decision to lose weight for someone else, do it only for you.
And don't get ill, be reasonable and eat as much as you want, but only food low in calories.
The first days, weeks, are difficult, then it will get better and better.
Sweets are not good for you, if are not baked by you.
Processed food the same. Avoid alcohol, snacks, chips...
--- You're hungry? Eat an apple or a cucumber until the desire is gone.
15 minutes later you're hungry again?
Take the picture, stare at it as a cat to a calendar (what does it mean? You figure it out. It's a Romanian thing.), get back in the feeling and eat another apple.
I hope you like apples. I love them!
Eat whatever fruit you like, OK? It doesn't have to be an apple. You got the idea, alright?

You don't have to stick only with vegetables and fruits, salads and olives. 
You can eat chicken, beef, fish, eggs, I just don't want to. 
It's a choice.

Don't forget or ignore to exercise. Even walking fast, at least 30 minutes a day, helps. Swimming is great though! I would do boxing. One day!

So, the secret is how you feel when you are the size of your dreams. 

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That way I will know that my work isn't in vain.


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