Feeling unappreciated at work?

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Following my last post, let's speak about appreciation, recognition, credit on the daily job.

I am a very passionate person. I give 100% in everything I do, either I like it, or not. I live with deep intensity all the failures and realisations.
When you love what you do, it's so much easy though. :D

I had jobs I couldn't stand, but I did what was expected from me and more.
Appreciations never came until I quitted.
--- Why are you leaving? Do you want more money? Maybe you would want to work in a different department, do something else? Let's talk about it. It's out of the blue. 
--- Is it?!You've never came to tell me I was doing a great job. You've never gave me credit for working harder than most, for never being late, for never taken a single sickness day. You've never shown me any kind of appreciation when you know I deserved it. So, I am leaving.
--- But you've never asked for anything, you've never complained, you seemed so happy. We didn't ask you to work harder than others. You did it because you chose to. 
Tell me what you want and I will deliver it to you. Think about it at least. You're one of the best employer we've had, we don't want you to go. Take a few days off, sleep on it.
--- It's too late now. I need to leave. I am too frustrated. I've already been offered a different job. I deserve better. Here is my resignation letter. You have 28 days starting from today. 
And I left without regrets.

Not giving any recognition to a person, who's clearly a harder worker than others, it's counter productive. 
This person will (maybe) still deliver great results, but he/she'll become more and more frustrated with every passing day. Until he/she won't do it anymore and you've lost an outstanding person.

I remember an interview I had while I was in Italy. Company secretary.
--- What can you say about you that other people can't?
--- Well, I am punctual, never ill, loyal, passionate... 
--- But all these are traits that every person should have. It goes without saying!
I stand up and replied.
--- So every person who worked for you, or every person you know, shown all these "skills" to you?
--- No, but is how all people should be. 
--- You've used SHOULD twice instead of ARE/HAVE. So here it is. Thank you for your time, but I  wouldn't work with someone who thinks like you. Goodbye.
--- Wait, the job is yours. 
--- You're joking, you didn't hear me: I can't work with someone like you. 

From the discussion I had, I realised that I will always be asked to deliver outstanding services, without any credit whatsoever. Because is what SHOULD people do.
No! I am not a statue or a picture. I do a great job because it's in my nature, but I am not made from marble.
I am great worker because I choose to, I don't complain nor ask for anything, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't care for me, you shouldn't give me credit for anything. I am no ROBOT.

We may be all fantastic, STILL, some people are MORE fantastic than others. (nice, eh? :p)
Give them something, even if they don't ask for anything, until it's too late.

But as somebody keeps telling me: "we are all replaceable".

So, if you feel unappreciated when you SHOULD be (appreciated), look around; there are plenty of jobs you can choose from.
Don't do more than others, don't come to work when you're ill, etc. most of the time it will pass unobserved. Rest assured, but DO YOUR JOB WELL. Everybody should try and give their best.
I, for example, cannot give less than 100%, no matter what. I have been taken advantage of that billions of times, but it's in my blood. I wouldn't feel serene if I'd do otherwise. :)

So stop being sad, stop complaining to friends, family, strangers and take the decision that best suits you.
But think twice.
--- Why?!
Wait for my next post. Here it is. First part at least: Learn to like your job.

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  1. I think a lot of employers don't learn these fundamental lessons when it really isn't that hard.. achieving the balance will always be an interesting one, and a fight in some places.. really well-written x

    1. Hi Sally. It is not easy, really, but with work we could achieve that. Work, work and work... always the answer. I have tried many things in my past... I am preparing the second article and maybe a third one on this issue. It's quite an important matter. Thank you very much.


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