Attitude vs beauty

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Sometimes you see a woman who walks with grace, and you instantly think that she is beautiful.
So, you look closer, maybe with envy or admiration, and realise that she is not that beautiful in the end. She just has a way to walk, look, and speak that make her be perceived as beautiful.
Besides, beauty is subjective.
What is beautiful for me, could be horrible for you and vice-versa.
Some friends of mine could testify that. Somebody showed me a picture of a girl who was the most beautiful in the kingdom, in his opinion.
I looked at it and remained silent for a few seconds. Enough to disappoint my friend. I couldn't go back, the milk was spilt.
She wasn't my cup of tea, that's for sure.
But, I don't have to like girls, sadly, I still like men. :D
God knows why!!! Anyway, this is it. Is how I was born. It's not that I will wake up lesbian one morning. It doesn't work that way. No, regrettably.
No seriously, it DOESN'T!
Anyway, let's forget about me, men and nonsense. Get back to business (it's a figure of speech :D).

You don't need to be beautiful to make people admire you.
You don't have to be young, don't have to be slim/thin, don't have to be rich either.
No, all you need is to look into a mirror and tell yourself that you are gorgeous. Once, twice, five times, ten until you'll believe it.
Maybe you don't have enough confidence, maybe you are down, maybe you don't feel beautiful, but trust me when I say that you are BEAUTIFUL (or handsome. I speak at feminine because I am a woman and a feminist - unfortunately :D). You just need to say it until you'll believe it.

I read that when you need to believe something which is difficult: like the fact you are happy, when you are not, one way to trick your mind into believing this is to tell yourself every night (when going to bed) that you are happy. Then, you have to do it the first thing in the morning.
--- For how long?! 
Well, until you'll believe it. 1 month, 3 months, 1 year until you'll trick your mind.
So, start acting like being beautiful, take example from me, if you know me.
Attitude is everything.
People tell me that I am a strong, confident, gorgeous woman who scares the hell out of men.
I look at them and I am amazed because I don't feel like being any of these adjectives.
Still, they perceive me like that.
--- Why? 
Well, I had worked really hard to build this aura around me.
But I must admit that I was lucky. I was born a fighter. Even when I give up, I don't give up without a big fight. I might tell you the story one day. If you are interested.

So, once again, ladies and gentlemen, beauty is subjective. Attitude is objective.
Walk with attitude, act with attitude, work with attitude, smile with attitude.
Just don't exceed in showing too much attitude which is more arrogance than anything else.
Don't be arrogant or presumptuous.
It's not cool and it doesn't make you look beautiful. On the contrary.
Learn the difference. It's fundamental.

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Thank you. 
See you soon, amazing human being.


  1. What do you mean with "take example from me"?! You are gorgeous, it's not only attitude, it's a fact.

    1. Ohoho, thank you! Still, attitude is important. Some people are gorgeous, but act as they are ugly.

  2. Ok, ok. I know you, I watch you carefully sometimes, you are most certainly a stunning women. Yes you act, walk, smile with attitude, but your traits are so beautiful. You don't wear loads of make-up, you seem to not care about brands and last trends, still, you always look so perfect. Quite impressive. So I need to contradict you: Attitude counts, but what mother nature gave you it's equally important.

    1. Hmmm. So, we know each other. I can't imagine people who don't know me reading this blog anyway. So many compliments, I feel really touched. Thank you so much! I don't look perfect at all, just like being elegant. It's in my nature. I see your point, still, as I said in the previous comment reply, some people are beautiful, but act like they don't know it. Of course, physical beauty it's not more important than inner beauty though.

  3. So obsessed with your looks women. We don't really care. Average men are interested in other things. Please.

    1. Alright then, please, illuminate us: what are men interested in?!

  4. You look outstanding! As above,in your case it's not only the attitude, but the looks too. You're beautiful inside as you are outside. I would love to get to know you better.


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