Earth Day

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Every year, on 22 April, we celebrate Earth Day.
First was celebrating in 1970 in New York. Nowadays, 192 countries followed the lead.

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In the last couples of years, I have written some posts about it, in Romanian, of course.
I remember receiving a private email in which one of my readers said that I am talking nonsense:
--- "Nothing from what you do will save this planet. You're a full if you believe that would change its destiny. It doesn't really matter what you do. Is just a waste of time and energy."
It made me think, and I disagree!
--- I might not stop the planet to disappear at some point, but I could slow the degradation.
Of course, if I fight alone it would mean nothing, but if more of us will start doing some small things, it still has a chance.

--- What can we do?
There are so many things, small and big, but let's face it: we do whatever we want without caring, without thinking... some destroy the planet on purpose:
--- "I am not going to live forever, I don't care!"
Here are some 5 ideas:
1. Walk and/or ride a bike more often, leaving the car in the garage, or buy an electric car (I know, I know, those are also bad for the planet... polemics). I walk to work every day. Under the rain, sun, dark, light, blizzard, I don't care. No, it's not 15 minutes away, more like 1 hour. But I run and walk really fast. To and from (work). I have a driving licence, and I used to love driving. I could buy I car, but I decided to not. I don't need it. I can walk!

2. Don't waste water when you shower, brush your teeth, shave. It's so easy, just to turn it off while you rub your skin!!!

3. Buy chargers, devices which work with solar energy.
And your instinctive comment would be:
--- "England... the sun? Where do you live? Ha."
Please, stop being so negative, some things don't need a lot of sun to be recharged!!!

4. Don't leave the TV/radio on when you are not watching/listening. Don't leave the light switched on if you don't need it. I am so used to these things, and I hate on someone comes into a room where maybe I am cooking/or doing something else, and turns the lights on saying: God, why don't you switch the light on?!" Maybe because I DON'T NEED IT! I was born in a communist regime, the electricity was a lux which the president conceded it to common mortals from time to time.
Reduce, recycle, reuse!!!

5. Plant a tree from time to time. Grow vegetables, flowers, help a tired bee by giving it some sugar and water.
Common sense behaviours which we completely ignore.
We should be aware that every time we waste water, cut a tree, kill a bee we deliberately shorten our planet life.

Wake up humans, wake up!

Let's try to save this planet, people. It is not a duty, it's a right!!!
Have you ever watched Avatar? No?!? You should. It sends a great message.
I watched in 3D, it touched not only my eyes (awesome effects!) but my soul too. Great movie.

Maybe the planet will still be alive no matter what you do, but if you are planning on having children (or you've already got), think of their children, grandchildren and so on.
Don't you want them to live?
Yes, you have enough money to pay your energy/water/gas bills, but your great-grandchildren may have money AND no energy left to buy. Or maybe no life at all.
We are aware, but REFUSE to care!
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