You are what you eat

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--- Really? 
You mean, if I eat a crisp, I am a potato?
Wow... So, that's the reason I have been once told: "you're a potato?!?"
I have been trying for months to understand what the heck did he mean with that...
Now, I have the answer.
He must have seen me eating crisps... God knows when and in what circumstances, as I dare to touch crisps, once every 4 months, and only hidden in my house, behind a curtain, so no one can accuse me of anything. As a thief!
I have a stalker! I can't eat in peace. The bird I see at my window every day, is not an ordinary bird, is a spy!!!!
That's kinda disturbing, man!

I am only joking, of course. The idea of this post came into my mind while I was writing the post on Linkedin called: You are what you wear.

Anyway. I am on a raw diet these days.
--- What does that mean?
I don't cook anything, eat all fresh. Of course, vegetables and fruits.

Nettles. No, can't eat these raw.
--- Why?
--- Because! I just felt like it. I want to see if it changes anything in my mind. I am serious.
Mostly, because I am on holiday and have no time for cooking.
Also, because my last electricity bill left me starving for three months! Kidding. 

These past few days, I keep hearing that everything we eat, has direct and serious repercussions not only to our body, therefore, health, but also to our mind = moral.

Then, of course, I had my brother visiting me. A brother who became vegetarian soon that he left Europe.
He doesn't eat meat, fish and eggs.  Just cheese. So, I ate vegetarian for the 6 days.
To be honest, I am not so fond of meat anyway. My recipe blog (in Romanian) is based on vegans, vegetarian and gluten free recipes. 80% of my recipes are without meat, eggs and fish.
So it's not difficult for me to avoid these 3 aliments.

When I moved back to Romania, I saw a woman killing a chicken with an unsharpened knife.
That poor chicken suffered tremendously. Broke my heart.

But I have been having these kind of thoughts since I was a child.
I didn't like the fact that animals have to be killed in order for us to eat them.

I don't mean we should eat them alive, GOD!
--- What kind of a monster do you think I am??!!!  - This is a joke. If you didn't get it. -

I am not a hypocrite. Humans eat animals since they arrived on this earth, I don't have anything against it.
What I am against is killing without mercy, or raising animals in terrible conditions.
Vegetarians and vegans who respect themselves, decided to stay away from meat, fish and eggs because they support this idea.

Last week I bought some chicken. It took me 3 days to decide to cook it. Finally, I found the courage and will.
I ate a piece, but it didn't taste nice at all. I kept thinking of that poor chicken... I tried to ignore these thoughts, but it's too much work and I have other things to do.
Couldn't eat the rest. Throw it to the bin, thinking at the children/people who'd give anything to have it.
It's a vicious circle... .

I also bought eggs.... I used to love boiled eggs, or fried ones. Not anymore.
Everything tastes so wrong these days.
I am seriously thinking to give up on eating any meat, or eggs... or fish and even milk (cheese, yogurt). These last 3, I read they are bad for your body, especially if you are ill. My sisters keep telling me about all this as health it's a big issue in the world.

I am kinda sad, as I don't eat these too often.
But I have nothing to lose. 
I can't keep forcing my mind to ignore or repress my pain when I think of those poor animals who are killed every second.
I wouldn't like to be killed and eaten. 
They have feelings too, and only God knows what they say when they make their sounds. Maybe they have their own language which we cannot understand. Maybe they are telling us how much they harm we are doing to them.
I don't know.
What I know is that I won't impose anyone to stop eating meat and I won't be scandalized if a friend of mine orders a burger... Maybe I will as I really don't like burgers!!! That's not food!

What I am trying to say is that everyone is free to eat what they want. Just don't torture animals.
They have flash, bones and blood just like us. If you feel pain when someones hurts you, they can feel it too.
Act as a human. Have respect and mercy for those who can't defend themselves.

I might still publish some recipes with meat, as I promised my friends. Those recipes were cooked time ago.
I am meat free now. But I am not sure if I would be able to say no to a barbecue. Yet.
And many animals are omnivorous. And fish e

I am becoming the people I used to think were crazy.
Only 1 months ago I told a guy that I can't have a relationship with a vegetarian.
"Would be impossible to share accommodation as I cook and eat meat. Rarely, but I do."

Is this growing, developing or am I really getting nuts? 
Hopefully, the first idea.

After reading this post, no one will come to my next party.
Well, I might still cook meat for my friends. Maybe. Or I'll trick them into thinking it's meat.
I am a very creative person.


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