What's Easter all about?

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Not a Religion or History lesson. I am not prepared to give lessons, but I've done loads of research for this post.
I had to, as my English skills are still a work in progress.

In England Easter will be celebrated on the 27th of March.
Most of people have Good Friday and Easter Monday free, but I am wondering how many of us know what exactly is this feast about.

Bunnies and chocolate eggs? Egg huntings? Just an ordinary day?

Not so much.

Easter is about Religion.

The most important feast of the whole year, for all Christians who believe in God. 
It's about The Resurrection of Jesus after being tortured and crucified. 
The most extraordinary miracle humans ever heard of

Resurrection by Raffaellino del Garbo
Of course, we were not present. But I won't comment further as I am catholic who believes in the existence of God, although not 100% he's the way the Church lectures.

Many of those who know what is Easter all about, also know that Easter is related to the Passover = Jewish Exodus from slavery in Egypt.
At this time of year, believers go to church to assist various celebrations and services.
Many churches are organizing plays following the steps Jesus Christ took before his Resurrection. Impressive and touching all the time.

We might not be into these Religions beliefs, but they are worth a try.
Maybe, this year, you'll find some time to find a church of your liking and to assist to one of these manifestations of Faith. Out of curiosity.

In Romania, most people go to church to confess themselves, first of all, as it's a requirement of many priests/religions. A duty any Christian should fulfill.

But it's this a God will? Did HE let us know it's a sin if we don't confess at Easter? 
I guess, we'll never know, at least, not as long as we are alive.

Going back to Romania. 
81% of Romanians, identify themselves as Eastern Orthodox
This year they are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus on the 1st of May. 
A month later than Roman Catholics.

Orthodox and Catholics, will boil, paint and decorate eggs in Red, mostly. Other colours make fashion lately.
Red represents the blood of Christ spelt, on the day he was tortured and crucified
The legend also says, that while he was walking towards the Calvary mountain, a woman, who was carrying a basket full of eggs, was crying for him, so Jesus stopped to comfort her. The blood, from his head (after being crowned with a thorn wreath) touched the eggs, painting them in red. 


They also cook traditional recipes, and have the family reunited for the Sunday lunch. The image bellow, is a Romanian Traditional Easter cheesecake. Made from cheese, eggs and raisins; chocolate is the last trend.

On Sunday morning, Easter day, children will go from house to house to happily announce the outstanding miracle of Resurrection with the phrase: Cristos a Inviat! = Jesus has risen!
The owner will welcome them replying: Adevarat a inviat! = He's truly resurrected! 
Then, will give them a decorated egg, various sweets and candies.

All Romanians will salute one each other with the same saying, until He will ascend to heaven., when we'll change it to: Cristos s-a inaltat! = Jesus has ascended! 

Before Easter, there is a period of 40 days, called Lent, in which Christians are requested to not eat meat, eggs, cheese or anything that comes from animals. It all depends on Religions. Less and less people are following these rules, which seem made by people, not God Himself.

In Italy, which is mostly Catholic, people don't paint the eggs in red, but will buy chocolate ones instead. They have a sweet Easter cake called Colomba. Something between Panettone and Pandoro with candied orange and almonds. 
Symbolizes the Dove of Peace or Holly spirit. 
Image credit.

I don't know what you'll do this holiday. 
If you'll go to church, confess, have lunch with your family or just a treasure hunt, it's your decision.

I just want to wish you a serene and Happy Easter! 
Buona Pasqua!
Paste Fericit!

La Pietà of Michelangelo

One of my favourite works of art. Represents, as we all know, the Mother of Jesus holding her 33 years dead son. 
No mother should witness the death of her children.

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