I am getting married!

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And you are the first to know. I haven't told my family yet.
I said I wouldn't until after the marriage. But they don't read my blogs.

I am not a child anymore... eheheeee...
--- Don't! Don't even dare to ask for my age! 
Never ask a woman over 30, how old is she... She's always 28! :p Keep this in mind
Be careful as she might be younger than 28. 

Anyway, yes, last week someone proposed to me and I said: "YES, damn right, YES, I love you 'till the moon and back. I'd do anything for you. Even making babies with you. Well, maybe just one."
--- Why is this such a great news?
Because since I can remember, I've been against marriages and at the age of 5 I promised myself  to never fall into that trap.
--- No, Ever! 
People kept telling me that one day, I'll meet someone who'll make me change my mind.
But I, horrified, always shouted: 
--- NEVER. I am not that malleable. There is no one on this earth that would make me get so crazy. 
--- The man I am waiting for, is not yet born. 

But, today, here I am writing black on white that I have been touched by LOVE.

I am happy, so terribly happy. 

The ceremony will be intimate. Just two of us and some cleaning people close to the room will say YES one to another.
The cleaners just for legal purposes.
Someone needs to be testifying that we actually did it!!!

I already have the dress. I bought it years ago and never worn it.
Colour Rosso Valentino, old fashion (sixties), middle length and white high heels. Very high. I still need to buy these. But I know from where.

All perfectly planned. Everything is under control

Honeymoon in Antarctica. We've already booked an igloo.  I can't wait!!!

--- What? Do you want to know whom I am getting married to? 
I will keep this a secret for now, but it will be soon revealed.

Please wish me House of stones/rocks = Romanian marriage wish - Casa de piatra.
A house build with rocks, will be difficult or impossible to destroy. That's the meaning. I love it!!!

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