7 steps to positivity

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I have Promised on LinkedIn that from today on (tomorrow actually), for seven days, I will post a method, a name, a video, hence, an idea on how to stay positive in difficult times.

Every post will have a different title, but I will include a number so you will know where to look, when you decide to follow my indications. Although you are not required to follow the steps in the order I am publishing them.

I'll be short and decisive. Watch the videos included. Always. They are fundamental.

--- Why I am doing this? 
I am doing it for me, as a reminder, and I am doing it for every each of you, because I care about people and I'd like to live in a world full of LOVE.
As I wrote on LinkedIn, I need to set accurate expectations and admit I am not a guru.
Yet. Working on it. No, really, I AM!

All that I write, can be found online at any time.
Even my own ideas as I like to share them with you.
I am very grateful to have been born in an era where the internet is so much diffused.
Books are also an infinite source of knowledge.

As most of you know (or guessed by now), my greatest passion is studying human behaviour.

Long story short, we all have our demons to fight and I have started to look for solutions or methods to help us (me in the first place, obviously),  to overcome negative and destructive situations.
I am constantly reading, watching videos, listening/observing thousands of people speaking and sharing their discoveries. Their knowledge is priceless, although it can be found online for FREE.
Just take a look and you'll be amazed.

I have learned things I wasn't aware existed. 
Please, take advantage of my own conclusions and methods. They are free. 

It's so much easier when someone opens your eyes before being lost.
I wished for someone to have pointed me in the right direction years ago, when I was just a child. 

If you didn't know children could ask themselves why were they born, with which purpose, well, let me tell you that they do. From an early age. And it is confusing not  knowing where to go to find answers.

Please, bear in mind that different methods could literally change some people's lives, and have a lower impact on others. Have faith.
But, I am sure that at least one method, from the following 7 days, will work for you too.
It could be a name = a person to listen to on YouTube, or an idea, a song, a simple saying.

Read also The art of perspective.


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Sharing is Caring. 
If any of the above helped you in any way, as a Thank You, visit my LinkedIn account or like my Facebook page.
It would be highly appreciated. 
That way I will know that my work isn't in vain.
Thank you so much to those who don't need to be begged to do so.


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