Romanians are coming - Part I

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Today I've spent 5 hours watching documentaries/TV shows about Romanians in England (but not only).
I guess many of you heard about the documentary with the name in the tittle of this post.
For those who didn't, BBC had made a documentary about Romanians invasion of England. As you can guess, it wasn't a positive one and many people felt extremely offended and scandalised by it.
Well, I had to watch it too. 4 parts. All pretty disturbing and extremely unfair towards a country, MY country!

-------- I also watched the Romanians reactions about all this media aberrations. NOT COOL, MAN, not cool!
If you live in Romania and never left the country for more than 2 months, please don't express your opinions about how I am supposed to feel about all these. Don't be arrogant and ignorant.
You have no idea how much damage these documentaries have done. --------

I am not going to make a resume about the show, just some thoughts about this monstrosity, I will also point out some things that most people might ignore.

--------- Some things in the documentaries are completely invented: the bed in the forest of one Romanian (who speaks a very good English), for example. It was perfectly done, the paper looked new, clean... So, we must think that in England never rains.----------

Listening to the narration of the gypsy person and the language of most protagonists in the story, I have decided to stop using swore words in English. They sound terrible and using them doesn't make you look cool nor integrate better/easier/faster, on the contrary: they make you sound LAME, stupid and vulgar.

1.    Romanians are not gypsies! We are not thieves/criminals/beggars and so on. Some Romanians are, but not ALL. Are all English people hooligans and paedophiles?!? You can't condemn a whole nation for things a few disgraceful humans do.
Rroma people (gypsies) are an ethnicity, originally from India (Wikipedia). They spread all over the world, some of them chose Romania as their home. Have their own language (which I don't understand), a different culture/history, mentality, etc. These being said, I can't advice to avoid Rromas. NO! My experiences with them may have not been good, but I didn't meet all of them!!! Some are good, some are bad, just like any other nationality. Anyway, they have Romanian passport or ID because are born in Romania, so, technically, they are Romanians. Some of them don't know how to write or read, but all speak 2 languages. How many languages do you speak?!

2.   I didn't come here to claim benefits nor to take advantage of the English health-system. In fact, in my purse you'll find a note which says: “If you'll find me laying on a street hurt or in pain, please, I beg you, leave me there/here, don't call for help, I don't want it! I would rather die.”. That much I "like" hospitals! I am pretty sure most Romanians came here to work, not to steal/commit infractions, go to hospitals.

3.   What exactly “BAD TIMING” (expression on the documentaries) means?! Are we always choosing the wrong periods to go and work in a different country? When it would be the "perfect timing" then? It's absurd! Just admit you don't like Romania. Why? How should I know?! Some nations formed an alliance against my country and don't care if we live or die. Romania has been a target in the last 15 years not only in England, but also in Italy, Spain, etc.

4.   When you hear a statement like “WOW/Really, you don't look Romanian!” you shouldn't feel blessed, relieved or proud. Every time I hear that I am more shocked than anything: What do you mean?! How do you think a Romanian looks?! 

5.   Am I ashamed to be Romanian? Have I ever hidden this? Sometimes I am utterly ashamed, eg, when I see the things some people do, not only in England, Italy, Canada, etc., but in my country too. And saying I'm ashamed of being Romanian is not correct: I AM ASHAMED OF BEING a HUMAN! I did hide the fact I was born in Romania. Many reasons. My experiences abroad thought me a lot. 

------- You, who never lived abroad, show some respect, you have no clue how difficult is to find a house when your ID is Romanian. ------- 

And let me tell you something else: I lived in Italy for 10 years, I had the opportunity to apply for the citizenship. I did not. You know why? Because it does not matter what my passport says, my heart will always feel a profound love and sorrow for my discriminated country. 
To be honest, I kinda regret I didn't change my nationality... I could have travelled to find a job in any part of the world where people are humans. I was not lucky enough to be born in a country which doesn't have any restrictions. 
Do you worth more than me? Maybe, but not because you are not Romanian. 
Can you imagine how I feel? NO, you can't. My heart is broken.
Will continue
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  1. Bless you Cristina. I have nothing but love for you and your country. I think it is a disgrace and a shame for anyone to make a negative documentary about any country's people, trying to lump them all together as one type of people. This is 2015. Have people learned nothing, or are they still as ignorant as ever. You are one of the most beautiful people, one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known, and it breaks my heart for you when I read about the discrimination you have suffered. There is all kinds of discrimination in this world, and when I discover yet another, I am just totally dumbfounded.

    1. Thank you So much for taking time to read my thoughts and also to leave a comment. It means a lot to me. I must be honest, I did encounters some problems on finding a house, but I am glad those people were very disturbed, (to be polite) because after I met an awesome person who rented me the house without any question. Otherwise, had no problems with discrimination in here. I deeply love England and the people I met are just Awesome. The documentaries though, shocked me. Can't believe they did that to a whole country. I would feel terrible for any other country treated like that, as you said. I understand their fears, but this is too unfair. Thank you again for your friendship, support and very nice words. I think the same about you.

  2. You are one of the best person I ever known. The most sensitive, good and beautiful. God bless you Cristina and people like you. X

    1. Thank you "P". So, we know each other... Hmmm. I would like to know who you are and how do we know each other. Not everybody thinks the same about me. But you can't please everyone, can you? Cheers.


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