International day of Happiness!

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For those who don't know, today, as every year on 20 of March, we are celebrating the HAPPINESS!
Yes, we have a day for this too and it's an AWESOME DAY!

--- What exactly does that mean?

Well, today, you HAVE to do something that makes you happy! Possibly other people too.

  • Go for  a run
  • Watch a comédie/go to the cinema
  • Meet a friend
  • Have a coffee/tea and a cake, even if you are on diet
  • Go to see your parents/siblings if you feel like doing it
  • Buy yourself a scarf or a pair of shoes
  • Pay attention at the surroundings, listen to the birds singing and so on.
  • Take your dog for a long walk on the beach
  • Cuddle your pet

And if you are able to take happiness from the other's joy, listen to someone that needs to talk.

I don't have to tell you things like that, do Whatever makes you happy, but be careful not to ruin other people's day. NOT COOL. Don't be selfish. The day of happiness should be a happy one for EVERYONE, humans and animals!
It's not that you need to be happy without a reason, no, it is not compulsory.

So, in this light, I want to wish all of you:

Don't forget that loves is one feeling that most makes us happy. Or a piece of chocolate. Or a coffee... it depends.

Love you all!

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