Carpe Diem!

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Which means: Live (seize, make use of, enjoy) the moment. (One of my blogs had this name for years.)
Many people have heart issues. Nothing new in that.
Right from the beginning of the world, it was all about love. The Bible states that.

----- Not Darwin though, anyway, I am not going to write about the evolution of our specie.
(Not) Only God knows I am convinced that men never evolved during these centuries.  No offence. But you are still having insurmountable problems with understanding women!!! GOD! :D ------

Some are involved in bizarre relationships and don't know how to handle the situation.
--- What bizarre means in this case?
Well, maybe the relationship is not out in the open, for example.
--- Why wouldn't that be if they are both single?        
Ha, ha, many, many reasons. I will enumerate just a few, but FEAR is one of the most popular motive to hide something.
--- Fear of what? Eheheh... 

1. Age disparity (read the post in here) = fear of being judged, criticised, ridiculised and so on
2. Incompatibility. They know it won't last long so what's the point on telling everyone?
3. Are colleagues, or superior/inferior and don't want to get into trouble
4. Some people love their privacy and try to avoid giving explanations about how long/how come/what's next, etc. etc. It's my life, don't need to tell you any of these! (that would be one of MY main reasons)
5.To not hurt close people who may share the same feelings for the loved one. You know, among friends it could happen. Or among colleagues, siblings, etc
6. Some are afraid of commitment. Telling others it would mean is serious. Maybe it is serious without telling, but just the thought of letting the world know, scare some to death.
Etc., etc., etc.

Some want to do the right thing, but the heart plays games with the mind and everything becomes unmanageable.
Love is CHAOS, as a reader said in a comment, but if you have a feeling like that for someone who doesn't know/imagine, don't wait the other to make the first move. It could take forever. Take the initiative, but only after you paid very close attention to details:
---- Does that person look for you? Asks you to go out often for a coffee/movie/dinner, etc.? 
Did you ever caught him/her staring at you when you were not looking? Etc. Signs are fundamental. Don't make your move without having a clue about what's going on. It is not very difficult to find out how the other feels. Open your eyes, not only your heart.

If you are finding your story in these words, I have only a few things to tell you:
--- You want to keep it secret? It's your decision, don't have to do otherwise, is nobody's business!
--- Do you suspect he/she fancies you?
Keep in mind this: LIFE IS SHORT and we only have ONE.
If you are in a relationship which is not perfect (not even close), if you feel attraction for someone who might feel the same, LIVE THE MOMENT = Carpe Diem. Nothing lasts forever!!!
There is enough time for sorrow and pain, for loneliness and sadness, but for now just don't worry, be happy!
Let your heart to be inundated by love. Don't fight it, don't hide it to the loved one, don't deny it! 
There is nothing, NOTHING at all, more beautiful/intense than LOVE. It's the most profound feeling that ever existed.
One minute of happiness could make you want to live another day, another story = move on.
Love gives you strength, joy and makes you feel like everything is possible.
Of course, it could give deep pain and insatisfactions, but trust me, it is all worth it.
I often wondered if it's better to love and loose, or to not love at all. My answer has always's been the same: it is better to LOVE. No doubt about it! (I've already said/write that).

A hug, a kiss, a cuddle when you most need it, HAS NO PRICE. For all the rest, there are the credit cards! :D

A life full of love to all of my readers and not only! And I truly hope it's a correspondent one!!! Otherwise, I don't have any suggestion for you in this post.

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