The power of words

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Words have a huge impact on people, but some of us seem to ignore this.
We play with words, we speak our minds without thinking of consequences... we hurt friends/colleagues/family/strangers without wanting; other times, we hurt on purpose.

Some people are more sensitive, way sensitive, than others. On the other hand, I know people who don't care about words at all. I find that very difficult to believe, to be honest.
Words can do a lot of damage (as in the documentary about my people, click), as they could do a lot of good.
What words could hurt without wanting? Many. Let's see a few.
Hypothetical Situations

1. Friends, one tries a new dress, she loves it but asks the friend for her/his opinion. The last one thinks to be honest and straightforward. Doesn't choose the right words.
--- It's horrible. 
The right words would have been: it's not something I would wear, not my taste, but if you like it, take/wear it. 

2. A person cooks for the first or tenth time, lost hours trying really hard. Serves the food, doesn't look well, fears the reactions, hopes for a nice word and you shout:
--- Omg, it's disgusting!!! 
This could have ended up differently: Not my cup of tea, honey, but I really appreciate your efforts. 

I spoke about this with various people. Most of them told me things like:
I agree, but how I am supposed to guess which words hurt less?
I am expected to think for hours before giving my opinion?
In this case, I will always live in fear and our relationship would suffer.
Isn't this hypocrisy/lying? Why can't I act freely? Not going to happen. 

True, natural reactions, but what I am saying is not to confuse the lack of tact with the lack of respect/care.
Respecting other feelings it's not very difficult, it takes time to learn how to do it, but soon that you'll learn it, it will be easier and easier.
"Practice makes perfect."
Being nice it's a human decision.
When you care about someone, you will pay more attention. When you stop caring... you do damages. Very easy, very human, NOT cool.
Next post it's going to be about Compliments = You've made my day!

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  1. Omg, omg, this blog looks so cool!!! Have you built it? The flying birds is cute, cute, cute! Sorry, I just wanted to say these things first, I really like the look of this page. I am going to come here very often for this reason, but not only. Words have a great power, people shouldn't ignore it. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Kate. Thank you, I love it too. No, I haven't built it from scratch, found it on line (after months of looking), changed/add a few things. Not finished yet and it might change in the future, but it will do for now. Twitter bird is cool. You are right. Thanks for your support.


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