Je suis Charlie

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When I woke up this morning, I've sworn I would go to bed at 7:00 this evening, but here I am, writing about a story which made me shivering today.
I was working, very focused, couldn't hear anything else but what I was supposed to hear.
Checked my emails, as I have to do it quite often, had one. The tittle was sad and it confused me.
I didn't know if it was a joke or something, definitely I was NOT expecting to read what it said.
"Mourning in France... massacre, people died. Lets keep a moment of silence..."

I was in shock! I Instantly felt a deep pain in my heart, which quickly moved into all my body. Warm tears started to fall from my eyes. I was trembling and shivering, needed to put a jumper on.
You may wonder how come I didn't hear about this before, like yesterday. Well, I don't watch TV nor listen to the radio.
Didn't speak to many people yesterday, or people have other things to talk about.
I didn't know until today.

12 people have died. Maybe a terrorist attack? Seriously? AGAIN???
--- WHY?! Why would you kill people like this? For what purpose? 
I would never understand something like this.
There is nothing to understand actually. Nothing at all.
People who kill other people, shouldn't be born. They are not humans, have no feelings, are like robots: born to bring death and suffering.
I want to believe that they have mental issues and can't control themselves. Other wise I would live in fear forever. Anyone could kill in other case, and NO, I refuse to think that!
Only sick, mad/crazy, deeply disturbed beings could take other humans life.
No religion, no GOD, would ask for this kind of sacrifice.
There is no way, NOTHING that would make me think other wise.

If you feel the desire to kill, kill yourself! The world would be a better place without people with criminal instincts. 
Don't do it to other people, or animals.
It is not up to you to decide who has to live and who has to die.

So, forgive me, if I may seem terrible banal.
Forgive me for replacing the picture in my Facebook profile with this one.
First, I said I won't do it, it's just commercial and too foolish. But I read the story behind this slogan: JE SUIS CHARLIE and decided I don't care if people do it for snob reasons, I did it because I relate to this sad story.
I am with people who suffered a loss during this cruel and insane massacre. Who got scared and seen the death with their own eyes.
Can you imagine receiving a phone call which announce you that someone close to you had been killed?
I can. It's the worst feeling ever. You'll never forget it. Every time your phone will ring, you'll remember that call. For the rest of your life.
I was/am with France in this tragedy.

May they rest in peace!
I truly hope they didn't have time to think, to be scared or to suffer. I hope it was quick and painless. At least that.
And I don't think it was their time, criminal minds decided that!

There is manhunt in France and all over the world.
If they'll find these people, what punishment it's appropriate for what they've done? Is there ANY!? Some would say: we are Christians, God says to forgive... .
I say, people like these, should not have a place in this world!
They don't deserve to breathe. They are a continues threat to all mankind.
But I can't and I won't take decisions on somebody's else life or behalf. 
--- How would I be different from them?!

I hope they will be caught and send to jail for all that remain from their miserable lives!
No, not a regular jail, but one where they should be put to work every single day. Hard. 8 hours. Except Sundays, maybe. Like all people must do in order to survive and pay the bills/taxes.
I don't want to work to pay for criminals's food and shelter. Governments should vote a law/rule like that: All criminals won't be put in jail, (to sleep, eat and plan how to kill or take revenge) but send to work. 5 or 6 days per week. As we do.

Je suis Charlie's slogan went viral when a mother put a bracelet with these words on her new born baby's arm, took a picture and published it on a social network. Whole story here.

Ps. Carpe Diem people, every second could be the last. So, so incredible sad. 


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