Hiring new people...

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... or keeping and investing in the ones you already have?

This is the question... .
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While I was in Italy, I had worked for a private recruitment company, I used to hire and let people go. Learned so many things about people.
Now, I can only watch from outside... . It's interesting to see how others proceed.

Premise: I am not the protagonist of most of my posts. Keen researcher in human behavior and very observant, I like to write about what I notice or realize. 

I won't give advices or ideas, it's not my place, I'll speak from my perspective, as a blogger and humanist.

Deciding to leave a company, is almost never an easy decision to take, especially when you love your job and you know you're good at it.

--- What reasons may lead to a difficult decision like that?
Could be many, a few or just one.
Feeling unappreciated it's quite a popular cause nowadays.
You do your best: you're reliable, hard worker, always giving the maximum in everything... You look around and see the difference between you and others... but the people from up there seem to not notice.
Everything you do, is taken for granted... .
You wait and hope, give the maximum anyway, but deep down inside, you feel frustrated and become unhappy.
Then you start thinking it is time to look around, sure are companies which we'll appreciate you... .

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Many are let go from companies too easily... because everyone is replaceable.

I don't share this opinion, we are not all fantastic and some deserve a different/better treatment.
We might be replaceable, but each of us is unique and has something different to give. If a company doesn't notice your potential, it's sad, but not the end of the world.

Pay attention to people who work for you, some have great potential, invest in them if you want your company to grow.
This being said, nobody can force you to stay in a place where you are unhappy, if you feel it is time to go, then GO!
It's your choice and their loss.

There are companies which will appreciate you, and your company will hire other people. There are so many humans looking for a job...

Good luck and don't get angry because...

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