The art of perspective

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I woke up early every morning, although I am not an early bird. I like sleeping, as my pijama says, but I would rather wake up early in the morning, to get things done, instead of finishing late in the afternoon/evening.
"The early bird gets the worm." - Sometimes. :p
I used to walk to work and back. It's quite a long walk (around 6 km + 6). I don't mind, I need to exercise anyway. 
It's not so fun when it rains, but that's ok too, I can't change the weather, but I can change my perspective. I see the positive side: rain is life.

A few months back, a dear friend of mine, gave me her bicycle and now I cycle, instead of walking. 
There aren't many cycling paths in Exeter and I used to be terrified of cycling among cars. 
It's been quite a hard decision to take. I forced myself to fight my fear and, now, I am ok with it. 

On my route to work, there is a shared pavement for both pedestrians and cyclists. So it's not that bad, nor dangerous. I am very grateful for that.
Being a considerate and sensible person, I always give priority to others, pedestrians or cyclists. 
Most of the time, people are very friendly and thank me for my caring. 
Sometimes they are not aware that a cyclist is behind them, waiting for a larger pavement to overpass them in safety and without disturbing much. In that case, many people act surprised and use expressions like this: 
--- I am so sorry, I wasn't aware that you were behind... . 
Or a simple, but honest "Sorry". 
I always smile and assure them that "It's ok, I don't mind/not to worry/not a problem."  
Most of the time, I get a smile back.

It touches my heart when people respond to kindness with kindness. It happens often in here, England, I mean. 
But it is not always like that. 
Today, while cycling back, against a turbid and cold wind, I stumbled upon a bus. It's stopped and I knew people were getting off, so, I ceased cycling 5 meters ahead, to give priority to pedestrians. 
2 women got off. 
They saw me, I looked at them and smiled, expecting a smile back or an indifferent look (it happens that too).
None of these two expectations were fulfilled. What I got instead was: 
--- You shouldn't cycle on this pavement. The opposite one is for cyclists. 
--- With all due respect, this is also a shared path. 
--- No, it isn't!
--- Would you, please, look behind you. - A few meters back, there was a bicycle sign (along with a human figure) pictured on the pavement, which clearly states that it's a shared pavement. -
--- The picture is wrong!!!
I refused to debate further, I was tired and it's started to rain too. I just wanted to get home and have a hot shower.
No matter of what I would have said, no matter the evidences, that woman didn't want to listen.

A matter of perspective. 
I could have gotten annoyed, as many people in that situation, but what's the point?!
She was not an objective nor tolerant or respectful person. She wanted to be given right, so I turned around and left.
A month back, I would have react with rage, but I am working on my perspectives. :)

1 km further, a young woman was playing with her child (who was inside a pram), I stopped cycling and walked patiently close to her, so I wouldn't scare her. When she saw me, instantly moved aside and asked for sorry. I smiled and said it was absolutely fine. She smiled back, as all people should do. 
I felt grateful for that act of humanism. 

An art of perspective. 
Wise people affirm that kindness is always paid back with kindness. 
It is not, but if we maintain calm and reasonable, we demonstrate that we are HUMANS who use their brain and conscience. 

I respect you, please respect me. 
I say sorry, although I haven't done anything to harm you on purpose, please, be nice to me. 
It is not that difficult. 
It's what makes us superiors to animals. 
That I was taught in school when I was a child. The Darwin's perspective. 
There are two kinds of animals: superior and inferior. 
Humans are the superior race, because of their capacity to reason and act accordingly... .

I won't comment further. If you are human, you know what I am talking about. 

Peace, my friend, peace. 

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