Another chance

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Ok, guys, here it is... the end of the year. Another one.

I don't know you, but I, every end of the year, put in writing what I have achieved, what I didn't even get close to and I also add new plans for the year to come.
This year, after having a very close look to the list, I must admit, it's a quite depressing view.
--- WTH, man, WTH?!
--- Have I even lived? Am I still alive?!?!!
I actually had to pinch myself to make sure... and, sadly, yes, I am still alive.
--- WHY?!

Anyway, I can feel the wind of change...
I am wearing one of my beautiful dresses, I have a glass of Prosecco next to me, the candles are on, quiet and peace around... a perfect atmosphere to prepare for a BETTER year. 
Because I deserve it and it's time!!!

Yes, fellows, we might not have achieved much in the past year (or years), but this doesn't mean we should stop planning, fighting, loving and hoping. Of the contrary. 
If you didn't make your list of plans, you still have time. 
It doesn't have to be by midnight (it's midnight in many countries already), tomorrow is good enough. Or the day after tomorrow. Whenever, just DO IT!
We have another chance (365, ups, 366 actually...), don't waste it. 

------------------ What, there is going to be a 29 of  February???!!! Good God!------------------

Make the list with your hopes, plans, desires and work hard to accomplish them.
Sleeping, complaining, lazing around, won't help.
And try to live your life fully... as we only have one. 

Live every moment
Laugh every day.
Love like you've never been hurt.

But be good and respectful. Always. When universe/animals/people give you, GIVE BACK!
It should be an exchange as everyone works for money, for a decent life. Don't take advantage of people or situations.

What's going to bring us 2016?! 
"365 (stupid Facebook!) 366 opportunities (3 are already gone)." = " Time is precious: waste it wisely. "

Happy new year to all creatures, humans and animals.

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Thank you.


  1. We'll have 366 chances, 2016 is a damn bissextile year... One more day to get drunk! (It's Davide writing, the "comment as:" box only says "Unknown (Google)"... I'm not motherfucking Google!

    1. Davide, thanks! "Che figura di m...a!" Yes, one more day to get drunk and work. :p Google knows better. :D Anyway, there is an option which says: Comment with name and URL (no need for the URL).

  2. This year we have a little more time to accomplish what we want, but many of us don't realise how short our lives actually are until we're a fair way through them. Plan, big or small, and do something crazy once in a while. What really bugs me is when some people complain that 'this year wasn't a good one, can't wait for next year'. Well, what did you do to make it good? Or 'oh I hope today will be a good day'. It doesn't just happen. Small things might, but the more meaningful things have to be fought for.

    1. Yeap, one day more than last year. :D. Exactly, complaining doesn't help only ACTIONS and hard work. Thanks for your comment, I like your way of thinking.


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