8 March - Happy Women's day!

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--- What?! 
Yes, it is, in some countries like Romania, Russia, China, Bulgaria, Italia, etc.
I bet you didn't know, if you were not born in any ex communist country.
--- Why do I mention communism? 
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Well, I am sorry to say, but this day was, more or less, an invention of communists. Yeap.
In my country, Romania, this day was almost never seen as Women's day, but as Mother's day. Only in the last few years, some women pushed people to be aware of the fact that there is a different date to celebrate Mother's day, which is the first Sunday of May of every year.

During the communism regime was celebrated, MAYBE, with a free work day, communism songs, marches and other futile manifestations.
--- Why is this day Women's day? To celebrate what?!

------- The fact we are women is not enough?! 
I guess it isn't, especially when you have your period and feel like awful for at least 9 days every bloody month!
Or when you are on "ovulation period" and your humor is going down, up, upside down,up again and start crying for nothing, or shouting like a mad person.... and the examples could continue, but you don't have the whole day, do you? :D  --------

Seriously now, is because, women, as black people, homosexuals, etc, had to fight for equal rights, shorter work hours, better pay, for the right of education, right to wear trousers (for real?! Yes, for real), for the right to vote and other silly rights.
We (and God knows how many other people) had to fight for the right to be humans.
Please, don't see these comparisons as discriminations or something derogatory, because it isn't like that.
I fight against any sort of discrimination!

First Women's day was celebrated  on 28 February 1909 in New York. 
In 1910, at Copenhagen, 100 women from 17 countries gathered and decided that Women's day should be celebrated all over the world on the same day, but only in 1913 had been finally chosen the date of 8 March.
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It's a socialist movement and Russia played a very big role in this event. So, not all bad things about communism and socialism. (Read sarcasm).

I did not see any poster remembering of this day in England, didn't hear anyone saying anything about it whatsoever, so I am wondering if anyone would celebrate. BOH.
Update 8 March 2016. No, nobody celebrates in here. Just a few people mentioned it... :(

So HAPPY Women's day! to all those people who look or feel like women.
We are GORGEOUS in every single way (and day anyway)!

As for me: do I expect for anyone to tell me or send me a happy wish or to give me a flower.
By the way, I love snowdrops, but a rose will do too, or any other flower.
I am not picky at all, am I?!
I do, I did expect and I went and bought the flowers I wanted.
I am happy now because I know I love myself. And that's all that counts

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Thank you!
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  1. You write about the fight for equal rights involving women and homosexuals in comparison to black people. This is not a valid discourse. I would suggest that as black people are part of humankind, that the comparison is irrational. It is true that all the groups you mention have had to fight for equal rights. However, it ought to be understood that being black does not exclude such person from also perhaps belonging to one or both of the other groups; whereas, though the other groups have suffered discrimination, they are by no means as disadvantaged as their counterpart who also happens to be black. The rest of your article is of course entirely acceptable and interesting.

    1. Hi David. Thank you so much for your comment. I am really sorry you think my discourse is not valid, I can't see anything wrong with it. My intention is to proclaim freedom for every single person on this earth (except for cold blooded criminals). I have always fought for human/animals rights. Black people could be gay/lesbian or women, of course. I didn't mean to discriminate anyone. I might not understood what you mean though. Sorry if I didn't answer the way you would have wanted. Thanks again.

  2. Just to clarify, further to my reply yesterday which you would have read. It is not that you have discriminated anyone. However, you have made a comparison regarding the fight for equal rights based on race, gender and sexuality. Race and gender do have a base for the type of comparison you give examples of, as both of these groups are visually identifiable, without having to announce it at large (in other words, the fact of their very being is obvious to the eye, such that they fall victim to discrimination). However, that which happens in the privacy of the bedroom on matters of sexuality, is less than obvious. Basically, people of colour can well do without being used as a 'crutch', by theoritical dogooders associating our hard fight for equality with sleaze. That is why some have a more serene life than others.


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