Because I love people

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While I was living in Italy, years ago, I had a organs donor card which I always kept in my purse.
After I signed in for this, I called a friend and asked if he wants to do it too.
He went mad!
--- Are you completely out of your mind? How could you do such a thing? 
--- What would your family say/think/feel? They would need your body to bury it.
--- How can you be so selfish?!
--- I would never do that to my siblings/parents, I care about them a lot!

That was definitely not the reaction I was expecting. Took me by surprise, but I didn't reply/didn't try to convince or change his mind. I just thought, at this point, it would be a waste of time.
--- Why would my family members have something against this? They should be proud! My parents should feel happy that didn't raise a cold and selfish child.
--- Do I need my organs on "the other side"?!
Well, nobody came back to tell us! But I don't think so, no.
So for me, loving people means giving the chance to another person to live a proper life by donating a specific organ.

If I have to suddenly lose my life, I want my organs to be transplanted in unfortunate people. It would mean I didn't die in vane.

---- Of course, I would be really upset if my organs would end up in a person who drank for all his/hers life, but I can't have a say in that.----

It's my life, my organs, my will! My family doesn't need a body to bury! If they love me, they'll understand and support my choice.

And I have another will: not to be kept attached to a machine if something bad will happen to me.
Don't want to be a burden for my family, or the world. Don't want people to spend their money on someone who most definitely will not be coming to a proper life again.
I don't want to die, but that would be no living.
Is this egoism?!  I don't think so.

If you love people too (and are a reasonable person), please take 1 minute and access this link to register.
Maybe we can't do big things for the world, let's do something small for someone.
If  you, I, him, her (friends, family, colleagues) will register, this will become something big.

L’Union Fait La Force!

And as Romanians say in one of their songs: 
"Where is one, there isn't much power (in the need and pain)
Where are two, the power grows... .

Thank you for reading and I do hope more of you will register. You don't have to do anything else after. It isn't a commitment, you don't have to think about it. Ever. If something happens, medics will know what to do.

Ps 1. No card in here. Just follow the link and register/or call at the number on the page.
Update 23/03/2015 - There is a card actually, you will receive it at the address you've indicated on the registration form. No need to carry it with you all the time (I do), but it would be a good idea.
Ps 2. If you agree or like what you've read, one like on Facebook  would be much appreciate it. Or, if you are very generous, leave a short/long comment. Thank you.


  1. Dear Cristina, you surprise me every single day. Such a gorgeous person, inside and outside. If only you'd notice me.

    1. So we know each other! Hmm,, whom you might be? I am pretty sure I noticed you. Thanks for the awesome words, to generous,

  2. You love people and people love you.

    1. Are they? I like the thought of that. But I love people because I choose to. Thanks.


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