A NO day

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It's sunny and gorgeous outside.
You lay on the bed looking out of the window, trying to convince yourself to get up and have a walk at least. But you can't. You feel so heavy, so tired, completely drained...
Nothing seems to give you any impulse of living/enjoying the only life you've been given.

You have a job and (maybe) you love it, but you are still extremely unhappy.

You are good looking (?! beauty is subjective), still, can't look into a mirror, cover your face to not see the emptiness from your eyes.

Have friends, people who care about you, but feel utterly alone.

You're living a decent life, life that other people would give anything to have, but, for you, it's not enough. You desperately look for something, anything... and didn't even know what.

People did you wrong, you can't forgive. The wounds are still fresh, some had transformed into scars which you'll always carry around. ---- You can forget if you want. -----

----------Watch this Video, I can't upload it to the page, You tube video version's blocked for many countries. Can't understand this at all.----------

Keep living in the past ignoring the present... and time passes by and you don't even notice.
When you realise what's happening is too late and you can't go back.
There is no going back, time machine isn't real, you can't change the past. 

So GET/STAND UP and look around. The world is still here... not forever, but you... you NEED to live now. There is no tomorrow... only today.

a.   Let the sun to warm you if it shines, look at the clouds if it's raining... stay under the rain, allow the cold drops to touch your warm skin... rain is good, rain is life. Think about it.
What would be the nature without rain?!?
b.   Look at the flowers, trees, children, old buildings;
c.   Eat a cake/a fruit
d.   Buy yourself something nice,
e.   Call a friend,
f.   Go for a walk and stop to speak with a stranger, maybe an elderly person, I am sure he/she will appreciate it more than anything.
g.    Cry if you feel like, alone in your room so nobody can see you. People don't always understand.

Your life is not perfect, far from it, but you are alive and breathing. Not all can be fixed, but some things can: love pain will pass, bad memories will fade away, loneliness can be cured.
Don't close the curtains, the world wouldn't be the same without you.

We all have days like that.

Concentrate on the good things and you'll make it. You are not the only one who feels like that.
Don't be ashamed, don't blame yourself, don't feel guilty or ingrateful... are all human feelings.
We all been there, some of us are still there, but we need to fight against the bad and rise as a phoenix.
Live now!

Ps 1. Women have episodes of complete despair more often. Don't ignore the hormones issues. It's not a myth. Hormones can make you feel down with no apparent reason. Absolutely madness. Eat chocolate. Loads. You are allowed. Then, stay on diet for 10 days. :D

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  1. Today is a gift that we have been allowed to live. Very true never look behind or you will fall. Look forward to a better tomorrow this is hope! Life has a purpose

    1. Absolutely. A gift which we forget about. Don't look back, unless you want to revise and learn.


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