Regrets, sorrows and promises

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Last Sunday, I needed a break from my routine, so I watched some people singing or dancing on line  (I don't have a Tv, but you know that already).
The world's got talent I call it, because there are talented people everywhere (I must admit, in my opinion, Britain's got talent is the best. :D). 
At some point, a Portuguese boy, started to play piano and sing an extremely touching song. It was like I heard it before... HURT, by Christina Aquilera. 

The statement: "there is nothing I wouldn't do, to hear your voice again... ." made me think.
-We all have these thoughts, of course, but I wanted to write them down for future reference. -

--- It is actually true that if we were to go back, we'd do things differently?
--- Would we be more understanding, patient, forgiving?
--- Would we treat anyone better knowing we will lose them one day?

I am sorry, but I don't think so. 
We would, perhaps, try to be better for a while, but not forever. 
Let's take our parents, for example (as Christina. Of course she says: "sometimes I want to call you...". ).
--- Would we be loving and grateful children forever if we'd the chance, a second one?! 
Try to imagine it... be honest! 
No, we wouldn't, unfortunately. And it's not cynicism, it's just realism. We are weak, sometimes selfish and frustrated. 
In a short time we'd forget how we felt, the pain, the sorrow, what we've promised, what we wanted... . We would feel trapped again and want to break free... 

So many times I have sworn that I will never let my impulsivity to ruin my relationships with people I care about, but I keep doing it over and over again. Maybe I am not trying hard enough, or maybe I have reasons to be upset.

--- Would we choose a different path knowing what we know nowadays?

Personally, I wouldn't. The choices I made in the past brought me here. 
What I lived made me who I am today. And I wouldn't want to be otherwise. 
I am sure there were other paths I could have chosen to walk on, maybe better or easier, but none of them would have drove me right here, where I now sat.  
It's not on the top of the world, but it's somewhere... 

What I would suggest is to always try our best, and, whenever possible, GIVE our best.
We will always lose people around us, relationships will break, brothers will go away.
Every second in somebody's company could be the last, don't ever leave angry. Try to not say words you'll regret and if you do, take the responsibility of your actions.
Make amends if it was you who was wrong.
If it wasn't you, well, use your best judgement.
Blaming yourself for what others did to you, it is not the right way. You'll always suffer; you need to move on. People come, people go. 

Don't be convinced when you say you would do differentlybecause we'll never have a second chance with someone who's passed away. We all know that! So nobody can prove that they would act otherwise. Words, in this case, remain words. It's no use to lie... first to yourself, then to others. You won't gain anything.
We should be aware of the fact that this happens everyday and we need to pay more attention to how we treat our parents and those who care about us.
Tell them that you love them NOW, pick up the phone and call them (or send a text).
Ask them the questions you need to know the answer at in this moment. 
Thank them for what they've done for you and ask for forgiveness (if you hurt them).  
Every second could be the last. Don't waste any! Tomorrow it could be too late.

I heard so many people saying: "If I only have known..."
--- REALLY?!? You didn't hear other people regretting this? Were you deaf, blind? Or just didn't care?!

Don't call friends, parents only when YOU need them, remember that they need you too.

And don't make promises you cannot keep.
We are only humans, with design flaws... .

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Thank you.


  1. Thank you Cristina. This kind of honesty is not very easy to find. It made me think of some of my past actions with people in the here and now, and in the past. Would I have done things differently? I want to say yes. But that's only thanks to hindsight.

    1. Thank you Jack, for taking time to read, understand and comment. We've all done mistakes and we will still do... humans, but as long as we try our best not to harm anyone, on purpose at least, it should mean something. I am sure you did not harm anyone for the sake of it, you are a good person.

  2. Very insightful. We often ignore the most banal things. Your writing is easy to read and understand and you are just learning English: quite impressive. Thank you Cristina.


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