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Last Saturday, 26th of September 2015, I walked for Bloodwise. 8 miles.
(I also wrote a small post on Linkedin .)

It was a glorious day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, people were cycling.
My colleagues from BPA, plus other people I didn't know, gather to the Exeter's riverside, put a special t-shirt on and started walking. 
We stopped at some point and we've asked what was this Charity all about. Shamefully, we didn't know much.

Stuart, the organiser, explained to us a few things. 
"There are 137 types of blood cancer. We were called Leukaemia before, we changed name recently. Bloodwise: Beating blood cancer since 1960. We stop people dying from blood cancer, we make patients’ lives better and we stop people getting blood cancer in the first place. We research. We help. We share learning. We raise money."
--- 137 types of blood cancer?!?
It's scary. I had no idea. I can't imagine being told, after a routine medical exam, : "you have leukaemia or lymphoma (the most known types)."
--- How would you react? What would your feelings/thoughts be? 
I really don't know. I am lucky.

Caterina, Ewa + Katie, Federica, Javier, Maria, Martine, Valentina, and myself (BPA's clan), had a unique experience and we've learned something new. 
Katie, Ewa's daughter who's 6, did great! Walked for almost the whole way, she did not complain. Her mother was very proud of her. For good reasons. 

Martine, after being ill for a few weeks, also did great. 8 miles with hiking boots. Not easy. Her feet were very hurt. 
Brave Martine, always smiling, even the feet were really sore.
The sun hugged us with its warm shinny rays, we saw mirific scenarios, ate blueberries - gifts from mother nature - met awesome people and enjoyed every second. 
Exhausted, we took the train back to Exeter. 
And I forgot to give the phone back to Martine. I realized 5 minutes after I left. Too late, I couldn't go back. 
But I have managed to send it to her through a friend. 

It was an interesting experience and now we need some sponsors. 
I didn't know that either. 
I was involved in charity for many years while I was living in Italy, but everything was different. 
If you want to donate, click on Bloodwise, it will take you directly to their website. 
Maybe you want to volunteer or... I don't know, do something else. 
From the heart, for people who fight for their lives. It's what humans do. 

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