1 - You are what you think

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The title is inspired to the Bible's verse "As you think, so shall you be." Not sure it's an accurate translation.. 
I have always known that, but I didn't pay too much attention until I heard of the Law of attraction.
A few years back, they made a film/documentary about it call it The secret.
You watch and reflect, if you are tired of your actual situation. 

Law of attraction works this way: if you think positively, positive things will happen in your life.
The vice-versa is, of course, thinking negatively brings even more negativity in your life.
Simple as that. I know.

Let's just take an example: LOVE. 
You love someone, but you can't be together. Maybe because the other person doesn't share your feelings, or because you are incompatible, or any other reason.
You can't stop thinking about this person and your days are all cloudy and rainy.
Every second you become more and more frustrated.   
You start your day thinking of this person, nothing good happens during the day, and you go to bed feeling a profound pain in your heart, maybe crying.

Is there any way to feel good when you can have what you want?
Good question.
YES, it is! It's not easy, but it's SIMPLE. 

What about imagining yourself kissing this person instead? 
What about going to bed thinking you are sleeping next to this person? 

" If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney. 

Imagining is free. And imagining good things pays better than imagining bad things. 

But while you are thinking of trying this method, ask yourself if the person you love, deserves it or deserve YOU. Especially if you tried everything to bring this person close to you.
Romanian have a saying: "If someone doesn't love, it doesn't deserve you." Think about it.
There are more than 7 billions of people in this world, why focusing on that particular person? Think.

If this person is in a relationship, don't pray and dream to separate so you could stand a chance, Please, don't use this to ruin someone else's life.

So, clear your thoughts.
  1. Step away from negative beliefs/conceptions.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. - It is difficult when the negativity comes from someone in your family.
  3. Look for happy environments. 
Requires a great amount of effort, because thinking negatively comes naturally to most of us, especially in these situations. 
I am not immune, but I am working on it and I can see the results. 

If you want to have a good day, you can have it!
You can have the person you love. 
You can have a good job. 
You can have whatever you want, just be careful what you wish for. 
Ask yourself if it's good or bad and do your best on wanting good things. 
There is enough negativity in this world. 

Just one small observation: If you want a good or a different job: lying on the bed, dreaming about it, is not enough. You need to go and look for it. Have faith.

Same rules apply if you want money, success, fame, etc... You have to work for it.

And for losing weight: eating processed food, too many sweets, not doing any sports and pray or dream to be a size 12, won't do wonders. Eat healthy, drink water, exercise and stay positive.

Just watch this video and listen to this wonderful woman. It took her years to get here.
She opened my eyes and I am extremely grateful.

Also have a look at this video.
And there are thousands on YouTube. If you're happy with your life, don't waste time and enjoy it; if you're not, well... Start working on it, by changing your thoughts.


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Ps. This is the first post from the motivational series titled: 7 steps to positivity
You don't have to follow them in order, the numbering is more for me really. Just take note of each of them.
All the posts are related one to another; therefore, are complimentary. 
You may find similar information in many of them, but that's because they are all based on THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Reflect on every word written on all these posts. Take time to fully understand everything. 

I am doing this for myself, as a reminder for the future, but also for youPlease stay tuned
I have already received some very enthusiastic private emails regarding this subject; so, I am confident someone will take advantage of my methods which I am learning from others.
Thank you for your support and positive reflections.


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