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There are many things I love in here, in England I mean: the weather, driving on the left side of the road, the measurement system, the easy pronunciation, ... No, wait, it's the other way around.
Actually, it's not. I don't mind the weather (yet) or driving on the left side. I don't even drive in here so, I can't be bother.
I will get used with all these things. It takes longer than I thought, but, one day I am going to pronounce the word "potato" in the correct way, which is the British way. :D
(One) Problem is, I am in England, but speak a different language most of the time, and it's not my language either. Well, I will figure this out.

What's actually bothering me in here, is the improper use of superlatives.

The definition from the Dictionary.com is:
Adjective:of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; extreme

remember when I had to write my CV and covers letters. I start crying when I saw a few curriculum on line. I thought I don't worth anything, I must be the stupidest person in the world, the most terrible, because mine was just so f...g lame!
"I would never find a job in here. I would never make friends, I would never reach this level of excellence... " Felt completely desperate. 
Then, I met people, asked them to show me their curriculum, as examples. Looked at them, looked around, couldn't believe what I discovered. 
"I am an extremely driven person... punctual, reliable..."
--- What?! But you just said you got drunk last night and didn't go to work at all! 
--- So? It doesn't mean anything. It happens. Doesn't happen to you?
--- NO!!! Yes, it could happen, but when I deal with something which doesn't depend on me.
I got drunk, yes (don't tell my parents), but never been late anywhere. Never forgot an appointment. 
If my time is precious, yours is the same. 
I hate when people are late or cancel their appointments at the very last minute, or even worse, completely ignore the fact that they should, at least, send a text to avert they won't be coming at all. 
People do that all the time and seem so normal to them. 
Well, it is not for me. But I will write another article about this. 

Today is about superlatives. 
"I am classy..."
And you look and see an average way of being/dressing/speaking/behaving.

Classy, from the same source,
Adjectiveclassier, classiest. Informal. of high classrank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant

I could go on for hours, but I don't want to bother you with things you already know.

In my opinion, superlatives should be used with parsimony. 
It's utterly unfair towards those who try their best to be different, better.
We are not all fantastic; we are not all reliable; we are not all smart; we are not all at the same amazing level. Basically, some of us, SUCK! Completely! 
Some people are smarter, some are better, some are more reliable, some care, some just pretend (to care), some try harder, some make more sacrifices/compromises than others = some worth much more than others.
I can't tell you to stop thinking highly about all people, it's not what I mean, but I can suggest you to open your mind and try to see the differences between humans beings. Because there are so many.
If we actually were all the same, the world would be extremely boring.
There wouldn't be any leaders.
--- How would you chose among people who are all the same?! 

I will get used with most of the things in here, but I refuse to start using superlatives for every average result, person, place, feeling or stupid question. It is not fair and it is not right either!
Yes, many things are subjective, but you got what I am trying to say.

Thanks for reading and support my poor English.

A New Year just the way you want it!


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