Happy New Year!

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I've just finished cooking for tomorrow, actually, for this evening now.
I cooked for an army, as my mum would say. I am still afraid won't be enough.
I used to love cooking, I used to publish a recipe every day. I used to publish an article every day. I used to be followed by loads of people. Worked so hard!!!
Now I am just... I miss those times. I miss many things.
I miss spending Christmas with my parents, with my brothers and sisters. It's gone now. Next year. I hope.
And I miss the traditions...
It's funny, when you have all these, don't mean much, when you are away, everything has a different value.

No, I am not going to be sad. I am happy here, my life is going very well, never been better.
Winter holidays make me melancholic. Not cool. I'll be fine.

It's 1 a clock in the morning, I should be sleeping, I am exhausted, instead I am writing and listening to this song, which I absolute adore.
I want you to listen to it too. Take 5 minutes of your time.
Listen carefully, think.
For the 2015 I wish you to live every moment as the last. Love, laugh, cry - if you must -, but LIVE. 
Any second could be the last. 
Try to be happy, if you cannot, be, at least, serene. Don't think at the past, or at the future.
You made many mistakes, people did you wrong? It's the past now. Forgive and move on.
Stop thinking about things you can't change. Think of today! Do your best.
--- Can you walk? 
--- Can you breathe? 
--- Can you see?
--- Can you use your hands? 
--- Can you hear? 
It's not everything, but it's enough. Other people are not so lucky.
--- Can you imagine not being able to see??!! The sun, a flower, a colour, a smile, the sea?!!!
Imagine you could not hear and live in a complete silence. 24/24. Silence is cool, but not forever.
Imagine you could not walk, you could not run, you could not wear beautiful shoes.
Take 1 minute and live that, deeply.
--- Isn't that terrible scaring?

Banal thoughts, still...

So please, for the new year, just LIVE.
Find someone to love, allow your body to feel the passion. Don't make plans.  It could be the last time when you'll feel the touch of a person. Just let it be.
Get in touch with your family, old friends... . Call them. Maybe they did you wrong, but things happen. We are just humans.
Give them another chance, if you didn't do it too many times.
Isn't amazing when someone hugs you hard and says: I MISSED YOU?! 
For me, is the best feeling ever.

Take a moment to reflect before the end of 2014. Start the new year with good plans. At least a few.
Plans for a better life. But don't sit and wait. Go for it! Fight!!!
Just be careful what you wish for.

"... Hope when you take that jump
You don't fear the fall... "

Happy New Year to my family, friends, colleagues and to whole world! And thank you for reading.

Next year I will invest my time in writing.
Stay in touch. I am sure you'll like what I have to say.


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