We are all fantastic! - Superlatives II

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Because in the first post I wasn't able to include all opinions I have or heard (and because people liked it), I felt the need to write a different one.

As I said, the improper use of superlatives could make some people feel extremely confused and, very often, frustrated.
I don't know if that's because we came from different cultures or different schools, all I know is that when you make a statement like this one: "you are amazing" it shouldn't describe an average trait, behaviour, characteristic, etc., but something out of the ordinary.

And all these, sent me back in time when I was watching some auditions for X Factor on Youtube.
I used to watch the funny ones (Britain's got talent too).
Every time Simon Cowell said to some contestant: "you are delusional", I agreed with him. I would have never wanted to be in that someone's shoes though. Scary. Brrrrrrrrrrr.
--- Seriously, why did you even bother to show up? Can't you hear yourself?! You are awful! 
I must be honest, I am the worst singer in the world, got NO voice, whatsoever, but I am totally aware of that. Still, had the courage to go to Ship Inn. Friday evening, Karaoke. (the story behind is quite a long one. I will write it down one day if you're interested).
What a dreadful experience! Not only for me but for the poor people inside. Some of them even sang with me, especially a guy who wasn't even completely wasted. :D
The fact I sang "I kissed a girl" must have helped though. Definitely!
Bellow, I have a completely different example.
After watching this video, I thought people are the same in every country.
Therefore, I was not expecting to hear superlatives for anything and everything, any second,
--- How, all I write in these two posts, apply to this story?!
Listen/watch carefully (all is important), it's absolutely incredible!
Pay attention to the jury's reaction when he starts to sing (especially to Gary's Barlow, from 2:53 to 3:00).

At 6:49 Christopher says that people discouraged him from participating because he wasn't good enough and he'll make a fool of himself. 
--- How could someone have told to this guy he doesn't have a talent or an extraordinary voice? 
--- WHY?!?
Any average voice gets compliments, and the best ones aren't good enough.
I just can't understand!

That's why it's extremely difficult (impossible actually) for me to believe when someone uses superlatives when speaking/referring to me.
When I expect superlatives, I don't get them, but when I don't, I hear many.
--- Why do I expect superlatives? Do I think I deserve any? 
ABSOLUTELY! (I do not like false modesty).
Some traits (from my character, personality, behaviour) deserve all the superlatives in the world. But, in those cases (some) people are very tight on showing their appreciation.
Makes NO sense!
And my self-esteem is going down, down and down.

At first, when I start hearing superlatives (about my capacities) I finally felt that people can see and I was convinced my confidence will finally grow. Now, I am afraid is the opposite.
I can't take them seriously. Don't mean anything to me. Are just regular words. Nothing more. And it makes me sad and confused.

--- When you do need to use a superlative, where would you go to find it?
Because there are none left in the British language/speaking.
One day, soon, people will have to start inventing new words as superlatives, otherwise, we all end up with being extraordinary average.

As for me, I will have to surround my private life with people who think like me or be alone.
If not, I will get crazy and there is a big risk to adapt to everything.
I don't want to lose my capacity to be objective and realist.
I want to continue giving to the Caesar what belongs to Caesar. 

Unfortunately, as I said, we are not all fantastic. Not even close. Some are boring. Like me. :D

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