Looks matter... or not?

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This is the question.
Or should I say, another question?!
 - Women. - :D

Anyway, let's get down to business.
Possible and probable responses (all subjective):
  • NO!
  • Yes, of course!
  • It depends. 
Well, do looks matter to you? Your look, the look of others? 

I won't give advice, I am just telling what I do and why, if this inspires someone, well, it means I ruined that person! Kidding.

The way you look or want to look, it's only up to you.
Your friends, family, the media will try to impose a style that doesn't make you feel comfortable.
But you are free to decide.
Don't let others dictate what to wear, how and when.

Just keep in mind that the way you dress and look, says a lot about your personality and state of mind.  

A person who always wears black could be perceived as a sad person... For me, it's just classic, easy to wear, goes well in many situations and it makes your figure look slimmer. I want to believe so, at least.
An untidy look = untidy mind, reckless behaviour.
Bright colours = happy person, open minded.

My looks matter to me, for example. A lot. It shouldn't, but it does.
I always liked to be elegant, it's in my blood.
I was born this way. :D
I don't follow many rules, but mostly, I don't follow any style, but mine. Since I can remember.
I have people telling me various things:
  • You always look so nice. 
  • Your look is so eccentric. - WHAT?!? Not happy with this compliment.
  • You must waste loads of time to get ready when going anywhere. 
  • Cristina, what shoes are you wearing? Grose! Take them off, now!
No, I won't take them off because I like them and I really don't care if you agree or not!
It's my style. Take your eyes off instead, if you disapprove. :D

As I said (too) many times, I don't read magazines, watch tv nor look online to see what people wear this year.

I wear what I like, what suits me, what I feel comfortable in/with, depending on the situation.And I seriously get ready in 15 minutes, tops! Including the shower.

To church, I wear respectable clothes, possibly dresses that don't show much. Not short or tight, not transparent/see through, I look, more and less, as a nun. :) 

To work, I wear office outfits. That's because I work in an office now. But I had different jobs in my life, and I didn't wear a white shirt, black skirt and high heels when I was working as a carpenter. You get the idea. 

When I go to a club, very rarely, I run wild. Short dresses/skirts, trousers (not pants, that's in American English) tight as a glove, even see through. etc.

--- Does it mean I have more personalities?
NO. It says I am a versatile person: I adjust and adapt to each situation with ease.

There is a proverb stating that clothes don't make the person. I agree: they don't make the person, but has a great impact on people. You look around and pay attention. Be honest!
Cinderella and other fairy tales let children believe that it doesn't matter what you wear, one day a prince, riding a white horse, will come and discover your inner beauty hidden inside a bunker.
Maybe back then, it didn't matter much as dresses were all long and not so revealing. Also, the high society wore ridiculous outfits! Of course a simple dress is somehow appealing to some people. Anyway, I am not sure I read Cinderella or any other fairy tale, but, if I am not wrong, the prince fall in love with this girl when she went to a ball, and she was very nicely dressed.
--- Wasn't she?!!! 
Here it goes: Looks MATTER!

When I had the interview for the job I have now, I had no idea what to wear as it was my first interview in England and I only got here a month before. I didn't know anything about costumes and expected behaviours.
Besides, none of my nice clothes fit me anymore (lost 2 sizes in 1 month) and I didn't like shopping.
My friend offered me her smart garderobe, but no luck in there either.
I bought a smart dress, which I still have, but that day was very hot (yes, although is England, it does happen to have sunny days, you know. It's not Antartica!!!) and was not appropriate as it was quite a heavy dress.
40 minutes before the interview, I decided that I'll wear the only black trousers that didn't look too awkward on me. Those trousers were my work outfit for the period I worked as a cleaner. So you can imagine in which state I was.
I looked into a mirror, and I didn't like what I saw. Nothing looked right.
My hair was terrible, my blouse seemed transparent, the trousers were old and my sandals...

--- Hey, where are those sandals? I just realised I didn't have them when I moved into this house. 
Never mind, lost much more in my life. ---

God, I looked scary! But I didn't think will matter much as I was convinced I wouldn't get the job anyway. 
I got the job, but I still have people telling me about my looks on that day. 

Although my looks didn't count much that day, it seems that it didn't go unnoticed. 
--- Your hair looked so weird, Cristina, what the hell have you done to it? I thought you were bald, man. Pardon, woman!

Looks maybe are not fundamental, - if you're not a model, - but at least be clean, neat and appropriate.
In school, at work, at an interview, you certainly have a dress code, rules to follow, be respectful and adapt. 
At home, (maybe only your room?!?) you can stay naked. It's your space and body. 
You don't owe explanations to anyone. :)

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Thank you. 
See you soon, amazing human being.


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