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Do you like country music?
Have you heard of Keith Urban?
Did you know he's married to Nicole Kidman?!
Had no idea. Hollywood and I aren't friends.
I also don't listen to the radio, nor watching Tv, so I am cut out of the world.
A choice.
But I have a laptop and I watch YouTube. Often. So I know Keith Urban and I love some of his songs.
Tonight I feel exactly as this song says.

Except it's after midnight, I am a woman, have no TV and no pictures with my last love.

I am melancholic, a little, but that's life. Ups and downs. All in the parameters.
My last story didn't give me what I needed. And I don't need much.
So, after listening to the above song twice, I remembered another one I love more and it's also appropriate. He'll think of me, as I am thinking of him. That's to be expected as I really cared for him.

Except there was never a cat or a sweater... hmmmm.
Was there any story? 
No. No story. I dreamed about it. Pfff... Not even in my dreams I live a happy love story.
But it's not going to be like this forever.

If you find your story in my words, trust me when I say you'll find the love you want and need... if you're patient enough.
Just don't give your heart to the first one. Woman or man.
Wait and believe.
There is someone for each of us.

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