Reflections after UK's EU referendum

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My interest in politics is extremely limited, I don't care which political side won or lost, I care about people.

Yesterday, after the vote, I woke up at 5:00 Am and at 5:10 I was prompted by Google to see how the British people have voted.

The results shocked me: "I am still asleep, it can't be true!!!"

Since I don't watch Tv, listen to the radio or reading newspapers, I haven't been influenced into expecting any result whatsoever... still, I didn't consider a "Leave" possibility.
I don't know... maybe I am too ignorant or simple minded: "Leaving is bad, staying is good. L'Union fait la force. People know that, there is no risk." I used to think and say with confidence.

When I reached my work place and met my colleagues, my heart broke on seeing most devastated.

I work in a multicultural company. We converse in 45 languages.
A mosaic of people from around the world. We take pride in that and treasure this inestimable union.

Listening to my colleagues reasons, I understood that they lost something.
I felt a profound discomfort in my chest.
You know that physical pain when your soul is overwhelmed with sorrow?
It's how a being copes with trauma.
Many people were/are in distress due to these results.
It was a very gloomy atmosphere in the office.

How is this going to affect us, the foreign people, who came here for work?
I don't know. Nobody knows I guess.

Mixed feelings and emotions. You could feel the tension and cut it with a knife.
Tears of anger, disappointment and grieve. Still in shock, many were unable to speak. Most were tormented: "I am worried about my children."

The day before, we were all happy because my company won the Exeter Business Games and the future looked glorious.

What is going to happen to this company? What about us?

Martine says: "It's a mourning day for me. I have been living in England for the last 41 years... . I suddenly felt not welcomed in a country I consider mine. I got married here. My whole life is here. I am heartbroken."

Her beautiful blue eyes were inundated with tears, she was navigating into a deep sea of pain.
I could feel it in my heart. It was shattering.

Continues: "English people love Europe, they like the lifestyle and business innovation as well as recruiting European skilful people because there is a shortage in England! So what will become of our country without the skills so much needed in a modern society and demanding world? Are the British confident to face on their own this challenge?"

Nobody was prepared for these results.
Some of the English people I know, told me they are in disbelief: "I am ashamed for my fellow compatriots." admits someone.

Another colleague says: "I am considering moving or going back home. I don't want to live in a country that doesn't want me. I feel betrayed by my neighbours and friends."

I care about people and I suffer when they suffer.
I join them in this journey of pain.
We cannot do anything. We are guests here.
It's UK's decision to leave Europe.
We have no choice than accepting it.
But is it the right one?!
Only time will tell.

Is this it?
Is the UK prepared for leaving?
Was this Referendum really against us, the immigrants?!
Are we entitled to not feel welcome in a country where we pay taxes?
Do we have reason to worry about our future in here?
What is going to happen?
Is it too soon to ask ourselves these questions, or is it too late?!

I don't know what to think or feel. I am a blogger... I write about emotions.
As far as I am concerned, I am grateful for the chance England's given to me. I have no hard feelings, no anger, no resentment... just confusion. I came here to improve my English... It's a work in progress. I can't and don't want to leave yet. I have a dream and I am pursuing it, no matter what. I won't start packing. Nothing's changed for me.

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