Hay fever - One method to breathe properly

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Hay fever is an allergy caused by pollen or dust in which the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose are inflamed. 
Symptoms: itchy and watery eyes, runny and itchy nose, loads of sneezes (between 3 and 7 consecutive, especially in the morning), sore throat, headache.   
Luckily, the hay fever (caused by pollen) doesn't manifest during the whole year. Thank God for that!

I bet that many of us sometimes felt an easy discomfort in our throat without considering an allergy. 
We might think it's a mild cold (if we don't have itchy eyes) instead and take the wrong treatment or ignore it, hoping it will go away. 
Which will happen anyway in a few weeks, or months, depending on your type of allergy.

I had a sore throat for at least fifteen years and nobody thought it could be a symptom of an allergy. 
In Romania, back then, an allergy wasn't even considered as a thing to be treated. 
It was more a caprice or God only knows what. 
I used to take loads of medicines prescribed by the doctor with no effect whatsoever. 
But this is a different story. Next post. 

Anyway, this story being said, let me give you a tip that will make you feel better if you suffer from an easy hay fever.
It's natural, easy to use and doesn't harm trying it.
It works for many people who are allergic to pills (I know quite a few).
Cold pressed olive oil. Organic would be better, but I don't use that one. Just a regular cold pressed oil. 

This was found out by my sister and used with success by many people. 
Well, it protects the skin and keeps aways the mini particles of pollen we breathe. 

Yes. I use it every morning and before going to bed as my allergy is quite strong and needs more than ½ antihistamine pill.
I walk to work and back (more and less two hours), inhaling a lot of pollen.
When I used to live in a town, not in the middle of nature, as in here (England), the olive oil was enough to protect me from the hay fever.

It's a little disgusting, but if you want to feel well without pills, you'll try it.
I have a little special bottle of cold pressed olive oil, which I'd use only for the following method.
I would clean my hands, wash my face with appropriate soap and warm water, then I take some olive oil (with a finger or cotton pad) and rub it on my lashes, the eyelids and around the eyes.
Then I will spread it into the nostrils, using a cotton bud or your finger.
Yes, it does sound disgusting, but I don't mind 'cause it helps me a lot!
In the morning, I clean my nose and anoint my nostrils again.
I wouldn't do the same for the eyelashes because it's very annoying when it gets into your eyes.
That's the reason I only do it before going to bed.

That's it. One cheap method to help you breathe properly (if your allergic rhinitis is mild and don't have a sore throat). 

Have a healthy life.

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