1st of June

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Does England celebrate anything on this day?

Hmm... It does (I've just found out), have a look at this link: Glorious First of June, but I am not going to write about that. Wikipedia did a better job. :D
I am writing about what Romania celebrates on this day.
Are you curious? Maybe not, well... I am going to tell you anyway. :p

On the First of June, every year since 1950,  Romania celebrates Children's day.
Yes, we have a children's day too. :) We have Days for everything.
And believe it or not, we owe this to the Communism regime (again, as the Women's day!)
You may not know this either, but Romania is not the only country to celebrate Child's day, oh no! It's an INTERNATIONAL/Universal feast.
At least another 30 countries do that, but not all of them on the same day. Wikipedia (again. link above. I love this site!!!) has a list of all these countries.
Uk is not among them. Hmmm... Quite interesting.

On the first of June, mostly the Communist and ex-Communist countries celebrate the Children.
In my country, children receive various gifts and are treated like kings... that happens every day for most children to be honest. Still, I love the fact that children have a Universal day, all for them!
So, HAPPY Universal Children's day to all the kids (lucky them) in the Universe and to those who STILL feel kids inside (at least).
I hope that every child in the world will have at least FOOD, but not only today but every single day.
People, stop having children if you can't even FEED them!
Act as humans: THINK, from time to time.
I know it is difficult when instincts are so damn strong, but we have a brain, we are not animals.
I am sorry to be so frank, but I can't stand children crying because they are HUNGRY.

If you do have a child (happens quite often, want it or not :D), give him what he needs: FOOD, clothes and, most of everything, LOVE!
It is not a right nor a choice, but a DUTY! 
Your duty as a parent with a brain, a heart and a soul!
Act as humans, or as animals. Whatever. Often, animals take more care of their babies than humans. Do your DUTY!
Be an animal, if you want, but not only when you PROCREATE, Feed your babies. 
But food is not enough, give them LOVE! You OWE them that every single day of your life! They didn't ask to be born, you had a choice!
And I have another opinion: giving everything to your child, it's not love nor helpful. Teach him to be a proper human. 

My sweet niece, Alexandra, with her newborn son, Aaron.
For those who understand Romanian, listen or read this poem. It's mine, and I am very proud of it. Can't translate it into English for now. One day, I hope.

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My sister and her grandson who doesn't like me very much. As you can see. :)


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