Gotta be somebody!

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After long years in which you thought your heart's turned into a stone (unable to feel love), you meet someone.
This person shares some of your visions, some of your dreams...
Every time you meet spend hours speaking, listening, It seems unreal and you feel hope again. You can't wait for the next time.. You are falling for that person... and you're not afraid, just happy.
You kiss and it is wonderful... so much passion, so much desire... you both know you are compatible in that too... and it's important.
Then... you receive a text, impatient you click on open, expecting nice things like:
"I already miss you, last night it was wonderful, I can't wait to see you again, it seems like ages, etc..." 
All "syrupus" expressions that any person wants and needs to feel at some point in life.
But you read a joke instead, which was so far away from what you were feeling and waiting for.
Send a reply, clearly upset and that is it.
Wow. At first you are confused, after everything that has been said, after the kisses and the hugs it is not what one expects.
You want to ask what a heck it's going on.
You had reasons to be upset, any NORMAL person would have understood that.
A simple reply with "I am sorry, I was trying to make you laugh. I miss you", would have been more than enough to fix it.
But none of these happens. You are upset because you really liked this person, a lot. For the first time in many years, you felt alive again and wanted this to move forward. It was about time and you deserve to be happy.
Fight... you think, but, for what? You don't even know what the other wants. Clearly, doesn't share the same feelings. Maybe it was a game.
Have you been blind? No, but you still feel like a fool.
What's the point?
"--- If that it's all it takes to you to stand down, something it's not quite right."
You might have an idea of what and why, but don't wan't to accept it.
Then, the more you think, the more you realise that this person has some issues. Deep scars, traumas... You know you can't do anything about it. These could be cured, but it is not up to you to do that. Lives in the past, a horrible story, didn't actually move on. Was just a test.
"Mentally disturbed, run away while you can. You knew it was too good to be true."
Delete the number, Facebook profile and everything that makes you remember and move on FAST. Time is precious.

Never, EVER, live a story which doesn't make you happy, which doesn't give you what you need and deserve. Of course, you have to give some back!
There are almost 8 billions of people on this earth: GOTTA BE SOMEBODY for you somewhere. If you exist, there must be someone just like you out there. Keep hopping until you have breathe.

Allow you to be sad, leave some tears to fall, if you feel like it, but don't forget that we are not alone. Ever. Have a look around.
We are alone because we choose to.
I am alone, but I am not lonely.... Well, maybe from time to time.
It is all in the parameters. it is LIFE!
Stand up and believe that not all the nice stories are crazy like this. Be prepared though and fight for happiness... until you'll be there. Because it will happen, if you don't give up and do what many people do... living difficult relationships just because you can't live on your own.
Good luck.

And for those who can still joke when their eyes are inundated by tears and their hearts feel like a rock, this is me, waiting for that perfect man. Unfortunately, he is not born... yet. :D


  1. This is a contradiction to other posts where you say "don't ever stop fighting for your love".

    1. Not really. I always said fight for your love if you think you can win. There are cases in which there is love only from one side so you have nothing to fight for. In this post, the story was very new, there was no love, therefore nothing to fight for.
      I stand by my opinions: FIGHT you have what to fight for, if it's worth it, if you know you can win, if not, acknowledge, accept the defeat and move on. Every second is precious. Don't waste time with people who've got nothing to offer.


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