Why this blog?

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I've been asked many times.
Well, let's start with the main thing: I love writing.
--- About what?!
Various things.
But, I've started this blog mostly to fight against discriminations and for human/animal rights. Love is all we need, as I am convinced of. Of course, I'll write loads of nonsense too. 'Cause I want so. It's MY blog. :p

--- What kind of discriminations?
ALL of them. Discriminations against nationalities/races,  homosexuals, people who've got no University degrees, etc.

--- From where the name? Isn't pessimistic? 
Well, the name I wanted was already taken. Tried several, more like hundred, other names = all taken. - People like blogging a lot, apparently. -:D Frustrated and tired, decided to go for one that not many people would think of.
It could sound pessimistic, depends from what perspective you look at it.
I am a very positive person, but also realistic: I live, therefore I suffer. It's a fact. Suffering is part of life. Nobody can escape. Soon you'll accept that, you'll start enjoying the good things more. But  I was aiming for I suffer = I live. Tiredness played a big role in that. I kinda like it more this way though. Because "While I breathe, I hope" is optimistic enough. No?
Anyway, I wanted a Latin name, all taken, so I translated Dum Spiro Spero (the one I wanted really bad) and it became: While I breathe, I hope. What could be more positive than that?!

--- Are all the stories about me? 
No. Some are mine, but most of them are inspired from other people's lives. Sometimes some of my friends agree or even ask me to write about A/their story.

--- Do I write from my own perspective?
Yes. I couldn't write from a different one, that's for sure. I could write that people have different opinions and some of them share it with me though.

---"You've always said you don't criticise, isn't giving your opinion criticising (I've been asked/told)?!" 
No, everything I write is from the desire to make people aware about behaviours we adopt everyday without thinking (mechanical).

--- What's in it for you?
Nothing. When I started writing, I never thought I could earn money from this, Then I've been told that I could actually earn some money. Tried really hard with Adsense, but until today, they keep declining my request of joining the system. Why? BOH.

---- Update 20/07/2015 - Adsense has accepted my request.  Thank you, Google. -----

But as I said, I used to be a professional blogger and participated in competitions (writing), won some, therefore money or gifts were quite cool.
Then people asked me to write articles for them. Which I chose to, or not. Depending on the subject. I was paid for that, unfortunately, I couldn't make too many compromises. That's one reason I found it really difficult to make a living from blogging if you are not easy/ready to compromise. It wasn't for me, no, most definitely.

I think I've answered all the questions people addressed to me. If you have others, let me know. I'll go to bed now. I am exhausted.

Thank you for your support and patience. One day my English will be perfect. :P

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Thank you for your visit. See you soon, amazing human being.


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