I am going on a diet

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... from TOMORROW!
It's what I am telling myself every single day for the last month or so.
I gained weight again and I don't feel comfortable looking in a mirror anymore.
All people I know think I am crazy
--- You don't need a diet! You look great!
Thanks, guys, I really appreciate that, but I DO need a diet.
I feel slow and tired because of the 4-5 kg I gained in the last period.
Last year this time, I was a size sic, then an eight, now I am a ten and... STOP! I don't want to become a twelve. Not again!!!
I need to act now.
--- And guess what?
I walk or run (it depends) five (or six) days a week. 45+45 minutes.
To go to work and back. Every day.
I don't eat junk food, don't eat bread, I avoid sweets and some days, I don't even eat.

And I still gain weight.
---How not to feel frustrated? 
Of course I have days when I eat sweets or a big dinner, but isn't that human?
I am hungry, I need to eat and I love eating so much. WHY????
Yes, I know, it's the age. Is it??? 
I should stop giving parties, I should stop going to grocery shops. I should eat porridge every day.
I love porridge, but let's face it: how could you say NO to something like this?

or to a doughnut? (I love doughnuts, can't resist = I don't want to, are so yummy!!!
or to lasagna?
--- HOW? 

Lazy, lazy metabolism! 
And the fact is I don't like and practice sports, except of walking/running to work, I don't do body pump (:D) nor go to a gym. This is bad.
No, I think it's a waste of time and money.

I like tennis... no one to play with though.
And that is because I am a terrible player, a beginner and no one wants to waste time/patience with me.
And I thought I had friends... :D :p
Anyway, I need to lose weight. NOW. Not tomorrow.

Every NEW movement with your body, will make you lose weight. 

And you know what? 
You don't have to run for 2 hours incessantly every day. 
Run 3 (three) minutes, then walk normally for 15 minutes. 
Then again, run 3 minutes, stop/walk for 15 minutes.
If you manage to run (or any other very intense sport) 15 minutes a day, with the breaks above, you can be certain that will lose weight an become the size you want.

Three (3) minutes. 

That's the secret. New sport, new efforts.
My body got used to the fact I don't eat much, got used to the walking and running. 
It is time to find some sport I like.

I'would do boxing. I'd kick some people.
People say:
It doesn't matter what size you are as long you feel comfortable in your skin.
But for me... It is awful! I don't feel comfortable, so it's time to act.
I don't want new clothes, or a new size. Want to keep these, I love them!

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