Too demanding

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A child could be very demanding by being extremely energetic, asking many questions, wanting to do many different things.

But adults could be demanding too. Very demanding.

Take for example a new relationship.
Chemistry is high, enough similarities, enough time to spend together, same desires.
After a few dates something happens and you notice a distance. Start thinking, but stop yourself blaming the paranoia... bad experiences in the past. Don't pay too much attention.
But the coldness becomes too obvious and you can't ignore it anymore.
You need to know why... and the answer shocks you:
--- You are too demanding! 
--- What do you mean?!
Well, you don't like that place, you don't like the other... . 
Wow... It's a little too... LITTLE to reach this conclusion, in my opinion, of course.
Too demanding is that person who pretends continuous attentions, asks for many things all the time, a person who's sad and needs perenne encouragements/support... etc.etc.

Thesaurusdemanding - requiring more than usually expected or thought due; especially great patience and effort and skill;"found the job very demanding"; "a baby can be so demanding"

If the other confesses you that you are too demanding, when you are sure you are not, it states clearly that person does not have any feelings for you.
Doesn't have anything to offer or doesn't WANT to give anything.
"I just want to have fun."
We all are free to have tastes, to like a place instead of another.
Is that enough to think that a person is demanding? 
Not even close!

If you feel that someone doesn't get you, doesn't understand you, when you've been clear/honest stop seeing that person, don't waste anymore time.
You may already have feelings for this individual, well, woke up: LOVE SUCKS! :D
It is clear it would never work. Too many compromises, but it would be only from one side.
No relation could work under these circumstances.
You misunderstood, your heart is weak, but your brain is not all stupid.
You know you should stop thinking at that being, but teh heart doesn't listen to you, it's difficult.
Don't give up though: it doesn't deserve you! It's not worth it! let it go. Move on. 
There are 8 billions of humans being on this Earth, many are taken, but not all.
Don't humiliate yourself, don't give up and decide to "stay" with a person who doesn't make you happy. EVER!

My philosophy is: If I exist, there must be someone else like me on this earth. 
Maybe he's not born yet. :D  That's a very disturbing thought. Sorry.

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