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I am pretty sure that most of my readers are quite fed up with the fact that I am always speaking about feelings, emotions, behaviours and so on. 
Too bad because you haven't read anything, YET!!
Some of you might think I am a melodramatic person. Hmmm, I could definitely be, but you know why? 
Because I am sensitive, empathetic, I care about people and I take that very seriously. 
The only thing that really matters to me (in this world and life) is people feelings.
That’s one of my (many) problems, I've been told. :D
Truth is that I write about feelings because I am a superior animal: I have a brain (two actually, one is smaller), a heart (and a soul, not just A body), but mostly, I have two hands and I've learned how to write. :p
HUMANS are supposed to have feelings people! We were born this way, at least we should be! 
We are not robots. 

 —— By the way, did you know that it is on a new tv series called this way, which is HUMANS (click, it will send you to IMDB, if you want to read about it)
It's a British series and it’s amazing, but the Swedish people started first. 
I am telling you, it’s something worth watching. 
But I am subjective: I love British tv series,  two of the actors are among my favourites and I am also passionate about human behaviour. Irresistible combination for me. So, I am a big fan! ——

When I came to England I expected people to be all alike, more and less, of course. (But each of us is unique, we all know that.) And they are, still, there are some, maybe cultural differences, I am having problems getting used to. 
Or maybe is the fact that people started being more and more selfish than before. 
Just a week back, I told a guy that he was egoist
----- Sorry, I am quite direct and open with my thoughts. Got into trouble because of this several times.-----
But curious enough, this guy told me I am “too direct”. :D 
--- What? You've just said you don’t want to get married, have kids, but most of all, you don’t want to be with a woman who’s got a moody behaviour
Do you know that people have hearts/souls =feelings? Women are more sensitive than men. That’s for sure. 
You don’t want commitments, compromises and expect women to think like you and smile. 
It is in our ADN, man!!! As it’s in yours to not understand women even when they speak clearly to you! 
Moreover, we have bloody hormones, man, they influence our thinking/behaviour/personality. All. 
--- Do you think we are happy when we are moody? 
We’re not! We are terrified and confused as you are, maybe even more. 
--- Do you have any idea what it means to feel like crying without any apparent reason?!!!!

No, it is impossible for you to understand something you cannot feel.
It's not ALWAYS our fault that we are moody. We try really hard to be strong and consistent, but we cannot fight against our nature. 
And we can't blame addictions, 'cause are NOT. 

If you want a woman who doesn't get angry, who's always smiling when you treat her with disrespect,  who doesn't ask for anything, an insensitive, consistent,  never tired woman, BUY  a sex doll!!! or a robot!
Because you don't need a human being with a brain/mind and wishes. 
Robots are even too good for you. 
Call the creators of HUMANS and ask them where can you buy a synth like the ones in the movie. They must know! 
I am pretty sure you'd have a great IMPASIBLE life. No commitment, no sacrifices, no plans, no NOTHING, Just a body who's always there the way YOU want it. Ready to please you in everything and smiling because you are the King of the Universe and deserve the best. :D

Who's got a brain, will, at least, read these words. But most men will not understand any of it. 
Men are from March, women from Venus, therefore, we speak different languages. They say. But languages could be learn. I am learning to speak and write a perfect English (hopefully... one day). 
But men are looking for women who'd act as robots. Hmmm... 
I think these men are born in the wrong era. :P

Boh... I would rather grow old alone, on this bench, than being with a man who doesn't give a damn on my (or any) feelings. 

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