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--- What does trust mean?
Definition from Miriam Webster dictionary:
"Belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc..."
--- Do we trust people? 
Some of us do, some other don't. 
--- Why don't we trust people? 
Many, many reasons. All subjective, of course.
Some won't trust the others because have been betrayed. Once, twice, or more. It's all in the parameters though. 
--- Have you ever betrayed, deceived, used, lied to someone? 
Then here it go, you shouldn't be trusted! 
"It's is not fair", you'd think, but... think twice, isn't, really?!

Some won't trust humans because caught them speaking about someone from behind their back. Really badly. First the shock, then the confusion, anger, then "WHY"?!!
Is just human nature, unfortunately. We all speak about colleagues, friends, neighbours...
Do you like Family Guy? Watch episode 16 from Season 13 episode, is just a cartoon, but very insightful. Sorry, couldn't find it on line, I would have put the link. :(
--- Should we trust people? 
Absolutely! Life would be impossible if we wouldn't!
I speak from experience. 
I've been betrayed, deceived, horribly treated by so many people, for so many years. 
I shouldn't trust anyone, believe me, but I DO! I choose to trust people, because we are only humans and sometimes we fail.
I also know all of us have been betrayed, at least once in our lives. Maybe by your friend, lover, colleague, etc, still, we shouldn't stop trusting people!
We will have to be more careful, of course. But don't deny someone's approach because you've been deceived in the past. It is NOT fair and it's also counterproductive.
Your life would be empty and you'll feel alone when there are almost 8 billions of people on this Earth.
People speak, sometimes is just a way to socialize, sometimes is envy, other time is ignorance, etc. But nobody behave in a perfect way all the time.
We all do mistakes, we aren't flawless.
Please, be careful, but TRUST people. Choose some, at least. It isn't that difficult.  
I can tell which people are trustworthy,  but I still get hurt.
Doesn't make any sense? It does actually.
We are only HUMANS (click for my previous post).
Still, I am trying to follow this rule: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
--- What to do when is a familiar who betrayed you? 
That's a completely different story. Needs a new post. :D
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  1. Trust is a big word that can mean the universe when rightly used in its terminology but then once or even more in our lives this powerful word has mislead or lost you in despair or confusion. However we must learn to trust again not all humans are deceitful after all!!! They are some very happy people in their relationship they are their own rocks!

    1. Lies are a common trend among humans, but, we are not all alike. Deceive people for your own good is wrong in so many ways. Still... Absolutely true!


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