Rain is life!

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It's Sunday, hurray!
Most of people dreamed about sunbathe all the week, but it is raining instead.
I bet they are upset, understandable.
I am not, not at all. I am quite happy to be honest.
That's because I deeply love rain.

I was born in a country side, we had land, we grew all sorts of plants. Land needs water. Rain provides that. I can't look at it with bad eyes or negative feelings.
But I do understand why people are unhappy when it's not sunny day, especially during the weekend when the vast majority is at home from work.

In my country, Romania, are like 40 °C (Celsius degrees) = 104 °F
People would give anything to feel colder than that.
In other countries the temperatures are even higher.
People are not happy.
In some countries is really cold all the time. People are fed up.
No one is content about any of these temperature, mostly because we fail to see the bright side of a given situation.

Could we change the weather? Do we have any power over that?
Absolutely not! 
But we have the power to change the way we think. We could try again and again to see/realise and accept the positive sides of rain in this case. 

In order to survive, we need to eat. Either we are vegans/vegetarians or not. Vegetables, trees, plants, animals need water to grow  Rain is water.
Rain = LIFE, as I said before.

Yes, we cannot see the sun, we cannot sunbathe, but we will get on because we have water.
Continuing to complain every time the weather is not as we expect, I would say, it's a waste of time and energy. Channelise your energy on something positive.
Stay in, watch a movie, read a book, spend time with your family/friends or with yourself.
Because worse things are happening in this world.
Things we cannot change, we just need to accept them and move on.

In some countries rain is not so quiet and lovely as it's in here.
I've personally assisted at some episodes of nature's rage that terrified me and everybody around me. Huge hales dropped out the sky, for example. Destroyed everything they touched. Plants, trees, houses, cars, etc.
In this situation, the only positive thing I could think about was that we were still alive when it ended. 10 minutes after.
And there are situations much worse than that. I know you know. Keep that in mind when you complain about some drops of rain.
I wish you to have sun in your heart/soul and mind. That could be difficult to feel, but try. Again and again until you'll see it. It is achievable. I know, because I've done it. 

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