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No, it's not about politics. Sorry to disappoint. I am passionate about human behaviour, politics is something I don't understand at all.

I've written before about this in many of my posts. But it's an inexhaustible subject as many others.

Google search - Independence synonyms: self-rule, home rule, self-determination,  freedom, liberty, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, self-support, self-sustenance,
"One disadvantage of marriage is the individual's lack of independence"
Antonyms: dependence, subservience

When I was a child I wanted to have my place to do what I want, when I wanted. 
I was 20 when I moved out and it's been a great idea. Found a job, paid my bills, took care of me - counting only on myself. 
That's what I want to talk/write about today.
Counting on ourselves for everything. 

Often we get disappointed by people because we expect things from them. 
Sometimes we expect too much, some other times we only expect people to act like humans and they don't. Normal behaviour nowadays, but we still feel sad and unhappy. Myself included. 
I have been trying for more than 20 years now to not let myself feeling upset about some humans actions/reactions... it's a work in progress... maybe one day.. when I'll move to the Moon and no humans would be around. :D
As I said in here (click), I choose to trust people and that's a two edged sword. I choose to care based on no fundament because I don't believe that people would want to harm you out of meanness. 
But they do hurt you, on purpose or not. 
"We, human beings, have design flaws. Our eyes play tricks on us, our stories change in the retelling, and most of us are fairly sure we're way above average. From the book "Why we make mistakes" by Joseph T. Hallinan
What I am trying to say is that we only can trust and count on ourselves. 
And sometimes not even in us. 
So, if we can't always count on ourselves, how could we not expect to be disappointed by others?!
Anyway, words are very easy to say, actions take more effort.
Don't pretend to be trusted, if you don't trust others. 
Be genuine with people, but be careful.
Don't be dependent on others. EVER. It is not fair nor right. Fight for your independence.
You can do it!
And remember that no one owes you anything. 
Don't take advantage of others kindness. We are not animals, we can think, study, work, cook.. etc.  
Staying in bed, watching movies, playing games and pretending to be helped by others is wrong in so many ways!!!
I work hard for my money, extremely hard sometimes, because I want to be independent and not a burden for anyone. It's what everybody should do.
Going to dinner and expecting always for someone else to pay because they have a bigger salary, is a common concept.
But how many think that maybe, that person sleeps 4 hours and works for 20 every day?!

Give and you'll receive. MAYBE. But don't expect it/pretend it. Let it be.
We are only humans.

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