SPA day - a dream

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Have you ever been to a SPA?
--- You don't even know what that is? Do you? 
Well, Wikipedia says: "A spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes sea water) is used to give medicinal baths."
Ever since I heard about the existence of such places, I wanted to go and have some treatments. 
Unfortunately, I had to prioritise other things in my life, until last week when I said: it's about time. 
I did loads of overtime, woking up at 5:40 every morning and getting home around 7PM, just to have a day of SPA. 
A dear friend of mine, offered to come with me, knowing how much I wanted that. 
It was such a great gesture. I'll be always grateful. 
--------Thank you, Martine, you are an amazing person and a true friend. --------

So, she booked, the price was quite high, but hey, everything's got a price. We pay more for a night out. 
Sunday, 10:30, Martine comes to take me from home, even if she's been very ill for 2 weeks.
A glorious sunny day as none before in September. 

The Magdalen Chapter - Exeter. 
--- Isn't that a romantic name? 
Anyway, I won't speak a lot about the Hotel and place in se, they didn't offer me anything for free, so I am not doing any publicity, I am just talking about my experience. 

We've got changed, went into the pool, warm water and so hot and sunny!!! It was an unbelievable weather after a terrible week! Felt so happy, both of us. We stayed into the water, as two red fish, for at least 3 hours. We watched the fire place burning inside, we felt the wood's smell, felt the bubble by pressing a button. A paradise. 
Then we went to have lunch. Outside. Because so awesome!
Had a great time until a bee came and start attacking my food, first, then focused on me. I've got scared, because I am... hmmm. how could I say? Allergic? :p. yes, very allergic, so we ran inside for our dessert. 
But I was wearing my white robe, didn't get changed in decent clothing and I didn't think about that. I was terrified that I'll die on my very first SPA experience, for the Love of God!
The waiter was really nice, he said it was, of course, okay to go inside. But soon we've got in, we saw the maitre looking with bad eyes at us. Told something to the young lad, then came to us with a very upset face, asking us to leave 'cause I had my robe on. 
Pfffff, what an insensitive, rude person. Why the hell did they hire you? Do you work for free??!
If I had an hotel/restaurant, you wouldn't be allowed on the premises like EVER. 
But, we are well mannered people and found a remote table, far away from the "good people" and waited for our dessert to arrive. 
While waiting, a young woman, 28 years old maybe, passed in front of us, probably going to the toilet. Looked at her and felt envious that she could afford to stay/eat there. High heels, nice tight dress, she looked like she deserved all of that. 
Came back after 10 minutes, her companion left, probably it was his turn to go to the toilet. 
After he left, the young high heeled woman, took out of her purse a roll deodorant and start putting it on the armpits. 
I was shocked, but hey... "classy, well educated people, do that all the time". Then she took out a bottle of perfume and literally spread it all over her body. I instantly felt sick. 
--- She's everything, but a lady. :D WOMEN, use the toilets for your cleaning! WTH?!?!? You don't do that in public!!!
2:30PM - our treatments. Facial and back massage. 
An young gorgeous girl came to ask us questions related to our skins and conditions. 
I was mesmeride by her beauty and accent. Very exotic. 
Sadly, I don't feel attracted to women and neither was she. :( 
First massage in my life, I was very tensed and worried, but the girl did an absolutely outstanding job. 
If before I had no idea about my "tension points", now I know I have so damn MANY, too many!! It hurt, but it was also pleasant and relaxing. 
Then she's moved on to my face and this was something I will always remember. The creams, oil she's used, were so nicely perfumed, her hands so soft and strong at the same time, the towels were perfectly wormed... music was nice (not too much)... I was dreaming... then... 
--- It's all over, we'll leave to get dressed, we'd be outside when you are ready. The magic was gone. 
"No, I don't want to leave, I want to stay here forever. :("
Please, tell me your name, I will write a post about this, I need to know it. 
--- ALRIDA, she said.
--- How? 
--- Alrida, she repeated.  
--- I am sorry, I said, you'd have to write it down because I have no idea how to spell it. 
So she did, but I am not sure if is AIRIDA or ALRIDA. The L has a point above it, so... 
Airida (or Alrida), if you read this post, please leave a comment with the right spelling of your name. 

Anyway, thank you Martine and thank you Airida for a dream day. It was about time. 
Great experience!
Imagine from 
And for you, if you read these words, put some money aside and go to a SPA from time to time. 
You deserve it! 

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  1. So glad that you both had a lovely time together, you certainly deserved it after Martine's ordeal! I will endeavour to go to a SPA as soon as I can, I may even get the chance next week.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was good for Martine too.. bless her. Yes, you should definitely go, it's a very good experience. Physically and mentally.


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